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Train Your Dog Right

Basic Obedience, Skill Building & Problem Solving

In Train Your Dog Right, the experts at Tufts University, one of the nation’s leading veterinarian schools share everything you need to know to make training a successful and enjoyable experience. You’ll learn:

• The importance of the right training program

• Why you should never tell your dog to "sit," "come" or "stay" more than once

• Why your dog likes to jump up on people, and how to control this behavior

• Techniques to help your dog obey

• How to use food to encourage the behavior you want

• Tips to help your dog learn to love his crate as a "den"

• and much more!

And once you're done with the basics, Train Your Dog Right shows how you and your dog can continue the learning process through simple refresher courses and fun do-able activities - even flyball and agility tests!