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Are Some Dogs Autistic?

Emotional remove, repetitive (sometimes self-injurious) behaviors, unexplained and often aggressive outbursts, trance-like staring. These are some of the hallmarks of autism, a disorder currently identified in one in 59 children, according to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More

Three Possible Reasons a Dog Won’t Stop Panting In the Car

Frances Fineberg of Oviedo, Florida, is worried for her two-year-old golden retriever, Amos, and for good reason. He hates going in the car, but the Fineberg family is about to take him on a vacation that involves an 8-hour road trip. They can’t board him while they are away because he is a service dog. Ms. Fineberg believes it’s not the heat of the car that’s causing the problem. More

When a Big Dog Attacks a Little Dog

Julie Kembel’s 14-pound dog Abby is a scrappy little thing. The poodle-Cavalier King Charles spaniel-golden retriever mix loves to chase squirrels (that she never catches) and is happy to run off by herself and then come back to Ms. Kembel or her husband, Bob, once she has had her fill of predatory excitement. But not if there’s a big dog around. More

When to Issue a “Do Not Resuscitate” Order

With all the television dramas centered around hospitals, it’s hard not to pick up some medical lingo. Many Americans know, for instance, that “Code Blue” means a patient has gone into cardiac arrest. The only chance for the patient recovering is CPR — cardiopulmonary resuscitation performed with the crash cart and paddles. More

Making Sure Your Dog Puts Her Best Foot Forward — Literally

A number of the surgeries I perform involve removing tumors from dogs’ feet,” says John Berg, DVM, a soft tissue surgeon at the Tufts Cummings School and the editor-in-chief of Your Dog. Likewise, veterinary dermatologists often say that the feet are among the main areas where dogs are affected by allergies. Lots of diseases strike the foot pads also: liver disease, some autoimmune diseases, even an illness that hinders blood flow to the foot. Another way of putting it: a dog’s feet can carry a heavy load. More