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Expert Advice December 2016 Issue

Dear Doctor - Chocolate For Your Dog

Q You said a couple of issues ago that you once gave a chart listing the amount of chocolate that’s toxic for your dog depending on his weight. I can’t find it. Can you re-print the chart?
Olivia Diaz
Leadville, Colorado

Dear Ms. Diaz,
A Sure. It’s a caffeine-like chemical in chocolate called theobromine that affect dogs’ systems, causing signs of a major caffeine overdose like agitation and over-excitement and, if the dose is high enough, seizures.

As you can see at a glance, it’s dark chocolate that presents more of a danger. But don’t leave chocolate out where your dog can reach it — even if it’s of the milk chocolate variety. A medium-size dog can scarf down a box of Godivas pretty quickly.

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