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April 2017

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Features for Your Dog?

“What kind of dog is that?” It’s hard to go to a dog park and never hear that question being posed. We love to know the breed, or breeds, of a particularly cute or interesting-looking dog whose features have us stumped. Indeed, we often wonder about the breed makeup of our own mutts.   More...

Embracing the UncertaintySubscribers Only

A common question vets get asked is “What would you do if it were your dog?” says John Berg, DVM, DACVS,   More...

The Right Way(s) to Teach Basic Commands

You have just brought home a two- to three-month-old puppy and have fallen completely in love, showering him with affection as he gets settled in his new home. That’s great, but you should also start training him within a day or two of his arrival. You’ll both be very excited about the new circumstances, and the motivation to bond will be high on both sides. That’s why there couldn’t be a better time to start teaching him.   More...

“Sibling” Rivalry

Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic Head Stephanie Borns-Weil, DVM, has always had two dogs in her home since she was 13 years old. Throughout her life she has seen these dogs provide companionship for each other and grieve when their close friend passes on, yet later develop a good relationship with their next “sibling.”   More...

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Siblings, But Not from the Same Litter

The night that a blizzard dropped a foot of snow in my area this past winter, little Rosie was having trouble making her way over a snow bank that separated the road from a park. Usually she’s pretty tough, but that night she was spooked and, although I had her on leash, she kept backing up further and further into the road. I had already let Franklin off leash, and he easily made his way over the bank and was walking further into the park.   More...

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