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Expert Advice

Guarding His Turf

When fluffy-man Franklin was young, he would scream at our mail carrier, Pat, each time he came up the walk toward the house, which, of course, was almost every single day. Frank would rip the mail out of Patís hand as he put it through the slot, shredding bills, ads, wedding invitations ó you name it. Today, 10 years later, there has been some mellowing ó on Patís part. He knows Franklinís schtick and is happy to throw him a biscuit if we happen to meet up during a walk. More

Dear Doctor: Tipping Point

What I would really like to know is how my 10-year-old mixed breed got a huge tumor both on and in his spine that showed no symptoms until he became suddenly paralyzed three weeks ago and had to be rushed to the emergency room, where he ended up having to be put to sleep? More

Dear Doctor: The Dog Won’t “Go” in the Yard

I have a four-year old Lab mix I adopted two years ago. My problem is that he will not pee or poop in my small, enclosed yard. He always waits until we go out, which we do at least three times a day. More

Dear Doctor: A Whiff of Toxicity?

I read that parts of the rose of Sharon are poisonous to dogs. I have several in my dog yard. Is this true? What parts? He chews on stems and once brought a flower in to enjoy. More