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Poop Happens, But Perhaps Will No Longer Linger in This Condo’s Backyard

The 147 homes and penthouses of Scarlett Place Condominiums on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor offer fabulous views, 24-hour front desk staff, a pool, fitness center, and rents for a two-bedroom unit climbing to nearly $3,000 a month. What they don’t want to be offering any longer are grounds dotted with dog waste. The condo board is serious enough about the infractions that it is considering replacing surveillance cameras with DNA tests. More

For Best Quality Sleep, In the Bedroom With You But Not in the Bed

Tufts professor emeritus and animal behaviorist Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, was once at a professional meeting of veterinarians and other dog professionals, when one of the speakers asked how many of the 200 or so people in the room let their dogs sleep in their bedroom with them. Every single hand went up. When the speaker went on to ask how many let their dogs onto the bed with them, 75 percent of the hands remained raised. More

A Single Shot to Control Diabetes in Dogs, Rather Than Two Shots a Day?

We all know that diabetes, whether in a person or a dog, can be treated—but what about treated with one injection that lasts for years rather than twice-daily insulin shots? Some exciting research out of Spain suggests it may be true, at least for our canine friends. The promise appears to lie in gene therapy. More

More Cities and Towns Going to the Dogs

It’s no secret that former President George Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush are dog people, as evidenced by Mrs. Bush’s ghostwriting of her dog Millie’s autobiography. So it only makes sense that the couple lives in the very dog-friendly coastal Maine town of Kennebunkport, where shops, outdoor recreation, and events are designed for the enjoyment of dogs and people alike. More