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Blood Test for Skin Disease May Help with Both Prevention and Treatment

Too many dogs end up with skin disease in the form of atopic dermatitis (inflammatory skin disease associated with allergies); pemphigus foliaceus (pustules and crusting on the skin surface); or perianal fistulas (which causes straining during defecation and often, a decreased appetite). More

Score One For the Dogs

A Massachusetts man who abused his dog so viciously that the animal had to be put down will serve eight to 10 years in prison for his offense, followed by a two-year probation upon his release. He also is never allowed to own a dog again. More

Dog Walking: the Good, the Bad, and the Lazy

Fitness experts say we should each try to take about 10,000 steps a day, which amounts to walking five miles ó or about 1,800 miles a year. Well, guess what? If you have a dog, youíre covering 1,000 of those miles by walking him. Thatís the latest from British pet food manufacturer Harringtons, which surveyed 2,000 dog owners. Their dog walking lasted 34 minutes, on average, and covered just under 2 miles. More