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Yes, They Can Read Our Faces. Now It’s Time to Learn to Read Theirs.

It’s well established that when a dog licks her lips, it means she is feeling nervous or anxious. (People do it, too.) Now, new research shows that they lick their lips in response to our angry faces. British and Brazilian researchers reporting in the journal Behavioural Processes made the finding when they observed 17 family dogs of various breeds looking at pictures of people with either happy/playful facial expressions or angry/aggressive ones. The dogs licked their mouths significantly more frequently when looking at the bad-mood faces (more than twice as much, on average). More


Most cruise lines do not allow dogs unless they are service animals, and for good reason. There’s no good place for them to play on the ships, no place to relieve themselves, strict health codes that would be hard to stick to with dogs aboard, and laws about quarantining depending on the ports of call visited by the ocean liners. One exception, and only one, is Cunard Cruise Line’s Queen Mary II, which sails between New York and Southampton, England. The dogs on that boat are treated in style — with fleece blankets, a complimentary portrait with you, and a kennel master who takes care of walks, indoor play time, and clean-up. More