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Expert Advice

If They Could Talk to the Human Folk

Raise your hand if your dog speaks to you in English. More

Dear Doctor: The Puppy won’t stop Jumping on People

My new puppy is adorable, but at 12 weeks of age, he has already developed a habit of jumping on people. It’s clearly a sign of affection, but not everybody likes it. Besides, he’s a Lab, and I fear that as he grows, the excitement and happiness he exhibits by jumping is going to be taken with less and less good cheer by people we come across. I keep telling him “Down,” but it doesn’t work. Any suggestions? More

Dear Doctor: Should a Dog Diagnosed with Cancer be seeing a Veterinary Oncologist?

My dog has just been diagnosed with a mast cell tumor, which my vet said is cancerous. She also said the cancer is a grade 2, meaning not as good as a grade 1 but still better than a grade 3, which she says does not respond well to treatment. She says the treatment plan should include surgery to remove the mass plus radiation. My question is, should I be taking my dog to a specialist at this point, or can her regular vet handle the treatment? More