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When — and When Not to — Rush Your Dog to the Hospital

Your dog is limping out of nowhere. You can tell he’s in a good deal of pain. Perhaps he’s even whining a bit. Do you get him to the doctor’s office without delay? More

Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas for Your Dog to Take Out of the Box

Fully 95 percent of dog owners buy Christmas gifts for their pets, according to a survey reported on by Pet Age. On the one hand, it may seem silly. After all, dogs don’t understand the holidays. They don’t even understand what a holiday is. On the other hand, making sure the dog gets some attention by presenting her with a gift on a day that her routine is completely thrown off, often with people on the scene who she doesn’t know or hardly knows, can be a nice way of remembering that she likes being “in” and also needs some focus to feel secure. More

Choosing a Final Good-Bye Away from the Vet’s Office

For 16 years, California resident Jennifer Mickadeit adored her mixed-breed dog, Zowie. The loyal pooch was her companion through a divorce, new marriage, and the birth of her daughter, Lola Rose. So when Zowie’s failing health made it clear that it was time to make end-of-life decisions, Ms. Mickadeit wanted to ensure her death would be as comfortable — and intimate — as possible. More


It’s one of the most annoying behaviors many dogs engage in — jumping on people, including their owners. They clearly don’t mean harm. On the contrary, they’re usually excited and trying to be friendly. But it can hurt. It can also soil clothes or even knock some people over, including the elderly and the very young. At the very least, it can be unpleasantly startling. Why is it often so hard to train a dog out of this behavior? More

Do You See What I See?

Many dog owners have observed that their pets are able to see and hear images on TV. They’ll run in from another room if they hear a dog barking on a television show and then look at the screen and bark back, for instance. Some dogs even have a penchant for particular shows. We’ve heard of one who would come in from another room to catch a little Law and Order when he heard the “bah bum” tones at the beginning of an episode and another who would run through the house to get to the television when the “I love you, you love me” theme song from Barney came on. More