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News & Views March 2019 Issue

A Woman’s Best Sleeping Partner

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Dogs tend not to hog the covers.

With which of these three animals do women get the best night’s sleep: a dog, a cat, or a person? A dog, according to a survey of 962 women across the U.S. whose results were published in the journal Anthrozoos.

It may not be just the comfort dogs provide when they share the bed (although the women participating in the survey said they do provide more comfort and security than cats and people — sorry, human partners) but also the regular schedule dogs’ basic needs dictate. Women with dogs go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to tend to their pets’ toileting and other requirements, providing them good habits that pave the way for better sleep in general.

Finally, the women said dogs were less likely to wake them than both cats and people and thereby less disruptive to their sleep in general.

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