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September 2019

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Food Targeted Specifically For Your Dog’s BreedSubscribers Only

You’ve seen the ads on TV — dog foods meant specifically for your dog’s breed to provide the best nutritional advantage. But are these benefits for real? Can you really improve your dog’s health by feeding her kibble marketed just for, say, poodles or Labrador retrievers, or German shepherds? It’s a question worth answering, since breed-specific foods don’t come cheap. A 17-pound bag of dry food for Labs that we found online costs $45.00.   More...

With All Training, Consistency is KeySubscribers Only

The old saw that “rules are made to be broken” may be fine for people on occasion but is a disaster for dogs. Dogs are extremely uncomfortable without consistent rules, even if their behavior might have you thinking otherwise.   More...

Make Your Home Free of Dog OdorsSubscribers Only

Come on, admit it. While you may not be able to smell dog odor in your home because you’ve become too accustomed to it, you’ve worried on occasion that visitors can.   More...

News & Views

Forget the Pregnancy Test — Your Dog Can Tell You

Many women have said that during their pregnancies, their dog became more clingy, or more protective, or simply more attentive, as if they knew. Some women have claimed the dog’s behavior changed even before a positive pregnancy test. Is that possible?   More...

How to Make a Dog More Comfortable If She Had a Previous Owner

Perhaps a dog who’s no longer a puppy comes to live with you because her previous owners could no longer take care of her — not out of a lack of caring but because of a change in circumstances. They moved to a place that doesn’t allow pets, perhaps, or developed allergies, or accepted more demanding jobs that don’t afford them the time to take care of a dog, or died.   More...

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