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The Cost of Having a Dog with Diabetes

 Subscribers OnlyIt is always something of a financial challenge having a diabetic pet,” says Orla Mahony, DVM, a veterinarian at Tufts’s Foster...

Acupuncture for What Ails Him?

 Subscribers OnlyAcupuncture treatment, by many accounts, is proving valuable in treating dogs suffering from such ailments as musculoskeletal pain and...

Dear Doctor: Tug of war quandary

My puppy loves playing tug of war with a rope toy, but I’ve heard it can make dogs aggressive. Should I not give into her urge?

Can You Pass This Eye Exam?

 Subscribers OnlyOne of your dog’s eyes has whitish or clear gook in the inner corner. To what degree should you be concerned?

When Your Dog Won’t Swallow a Pill

 Subscribers OnlyMost dogs are easy enough to get a pill into, even on a regular basis if need be. You simply make a “meatball” out of some wet...

Can you give your dog your cold?

 Subscribers OnlyA common concern that comes with the common cold is wondering whether your dog can catch it from you. But “dogs don’t get colds...