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Dog Ownership

Finding the Right Dog Without Inadvertently Supporting the Puppy Mill Industry

Finding the Right Dog Without Inadvertently Supporting the Puppy Mill Industry

It can be hard to figure out if you're choosing a puppy or older dog from a reputable organization. Here's how to make sure.

You have your heart set on a certain breed — and you want it to be a puppy — so you go on the Internet to track down the dog of your dreams. And you find her — she’s absolutely adorable, just seven weeks old, available (but you better act fast), and, better still, comes from an organization that has the words “Humane Society” in its name. In other words, the dog you want is even a rescue animal; you’re getting exactly what you desire and saving a life in the bargain. The only hitch is that she lives 1,000 miles south and has to be shipped north. No sweat. The rescuing organization will transport the dog for you; you can pick her up near your home from a group where the dog will be dropped off. Is it a good idea?

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