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CBD Holds Promise of Pain Relief for Dogs with Arthritis

A small and preliminary but high-quality study shows that dogs afflicted with osteoarthritis may experience pain relief, a better ability to get around, and mood improvement by consuming CBD, or cannabidiol. CBD is a component of cannabis that does not produce a “high.” In collaboration with researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Medterra CBD, […]
Four in 10 Great Dane puppies will grow up to suffer a painful, life-threatening disease unless they undergo a particular elective surgery.

Elective Surgeries Seriously Worth Considering

If your dog has a cancerous tumor on his spleen and will die unless it is surgically removed, the operation is clearly a medical necessity. But there are a couple of surgeries we commonly perform at Tufts to prevent disease and other problems rather than treat them. Thus, they are considered elective procedures. Here’s a […]

Your Dog As a Blood Donor

If a large dog like a Lab or a golden retriever is rushed to the emergency room after getting hit by a car, he might need four or five units of blood in just a couple of hours. Even a dog who gets heat stroke might need two to four units of plasma (the watery component of blood) before stabilizing. A dog who experiences bleeding complications during an operation is going to need blood, too. Where does all this extra blood come from?

Do heart problems mean the dog can’t be treated under anesthesia for dental pain?

Q. I rescued an 11-year-old cavalier King Charles spaniel with dental issues. Her breath would melt glass...real bad. But more than that, I cannot...

Digitizing Your Dog for Medical Evaluation — and Fun!

To create digitized versions of dogs and other animals for use in film and video games, the entertainment industry has to use an expensive...

Dear Doctor: Rabies shot even for a dog always leashed?

Q. I know that dogs can get rabies from an infected animal. But I always keep my little shiba inu on a leash. She...
Woman Write Plans In The Notebook With Her Jack Russel Terrier

Getting to the Bottom of Your Pet’s Sensitive Tummy

“She has a sensitive stomach” is a common refrain heard by veterinarians. People want to know why their otherwise healthy dog vomits or has...

Dog Got Dandruff?

If you see excessive dandruff on your dog’s body, he’s not unkempt. Rather, something has gone awry. “This is not about observing mild dandruff on...
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Diseases That “Jump” from Dogs to People

Information has been changing very fast when it comes to the spread of COVID-19, but as of this writing, there have been no reported...

A Puppy’s Urine Dribbling May Result from a Correctable Birth Defect

ectopic adjective (medicine): in an abnormal place or position. ■ Your puppy is now close to a year old, but she is still frequently...

Cysts On the Paws

It looks like a nasty red bump between two toes. You’ll tend to see one on larger breed dogs — Labrador or golden retrievers,...
dog licking paw

Dear Doctor: Constant paw licking

Q. My 7-year-old terrier licks his paws constantly, as if they are itching. My groomer said it is just a dog’s habit, but I’m...