Sometimes a dog who seems like he doesn’t want to live anymore has an illness that’s eminently treatable. Don’t make a life-or-death decision without talking to your veterinarian.

A Good Death

One of the sad parts of our work is walking over to the clinic from our offices and seeing someone sitting outside on a bench, crying. We know what has just happened. Of course, the best way for a dog to die would be the same as the best way for a person — peacefully, […]
Not the harmless activity it may seem.

Why Chewing Sticks Is a Bad Idea

We’ve all seen dogs who are perennial stick chewers. No sooner do they get outside than they pick up a stick and start chomping on it. It may seem harmless, but it’s not. If your dog is a regular stick chewer, you should teach him to “leave it” or “drop it” on cue or, if […]

They’re Being Polite, Not Disrespectful

Two common dog behaviors may annoy some people, but they’re actually a dog’s way of showing respect and making it clear that she is not looking for trouble. Approaching you in a banana-shaped arc. When you’re at the dog park and it’s time to go home, you might be frustrated when you call your pet […]

Dear Doctor: Bed sharing not working

Q. We thought we’d enjoy having our dog sleep in the bed with us, and we were fine with it when he was a puppy. But he is just too big now to share the mattress, and we find ourselves losing too much sleep trying to accommodate his need to stretch out. We hate the […]
Sad dog waiting alone at home

A Dog’s Life After the Pandemic

As COVID-19 made most of us shut-ins to some degree, the dogs who live with us have enjoyed more of our company. And it changed their behavior, suggests a Japanese survey of almost 700 people with dogs. More than a third of them say their pets now demand more attention. Many also say their dogs […]
But I left your vows in my crate!

Dog As Ring Bearer

A growing number of couples plan to make their dog part of their wedding ceremony, according to a press release we recently received. Apparently, the hashtag #dogringbearer is becoming ever more popular, with a “71% search increase for the term ‘dog ring bearer’” in just the past year. You can find earnest advice online for […]

We Love Them As If We’ve Birthed Them

More than four in 10 people adopt a dog (or cat) as a kind of test run to see if they’re ready to have a human baby, according to a survey of 2,000 people run by OnePoll, a market research company. The parenting doesn’t end with the adoption. The poll found that the same proportion […]
A cooling vest may be just the thing for your dog to enjoy the hot weather. 

Keep Your Dog Cool in the Heat

Because dogs sweat only through their footpads and noses, they do not release excess body heat as efficiently as people, who sweat through their skin. That’s why it’s especially important to make sure your dog stays comfortably — and safely — cool as temperatures climb through the summer months. Check out these easy tips and […]
Well, maybe one slipper at a time.

Bring Me My Slippers

How is it that some people are able to train their dogs to perform complicated tricks, like rolling over and playing dead — or fetching someone’s slippers from another room or even another floor of the house? They do it by using a process that animal behaviorists call shaping, which leads a dog through gradual […]
It’s important to teach them to go from nipping to just mouthing.

Will the Teething and Nipping Ever End?

A puppy’s adult teeth generally start to come in when she reaches the age of 3 months. It hurts; the new teeth have to cut through the gum line. That’s why she teethes on everything — your furniture, your shoes, your hands. She’s trying to relieve the uncomfortable sensation. To dull the pain, run a […]
It is hard to give up a dog you have already taken home, but sometimes it is the right thing to do.

Stigma-Free Pet Surrender

As recently as the 1980s and early 90s, there was a prevailing notion among animal advocates that people who gave up their dogs were acting irresponsibly. A number of studies suggested that people relinquished their pets largely because of behavior problems, and that if they just stuck it out and tended to the issues with […]
We can thank women for making dogs feel like family members.

It Was Women Who Bonded Us to Dogs

When you think of dogs and people in prehistoric times, perhaps what comes to mind is a vision of men and their canine pets hunting together, forging a bond that strengthened over millennia. But it’s women who made dogs members of our families. Researchers at the University of Washington made the finding when they looked […]