Ways to Make Sure Your Dog Drinks Enough Water


Last month we pointed out that as kidney disease progresses, a dog may no longer be able to drink enough water to compensate for the water she loses in her urine and may need to get injections of fluid at home. But to reach that point later rather than sooner, there are a number of steps you can take to make water enticing enough to your dog so that she drinks the appropriate amount. It’s critical. Without enough water, the blood supply to her kidneys will decrease, which will only make them function even more poorly and make her feel that much worse. Furthermore, water is needed to help rid the body of the toxic waste that builds up. The more urine produced in a dog with kidney disease through sufficient drinking, the “cleaner” her blood will remain.

Change the water in the bowl frequently, or perhaps consider an automatic water fountain so the water will always taste fresh to your pet.

Try flavoring the water with a bit of fruit juice or meat juices (keeping in mind that you will need to replace the water after a few hours to prevent bacterial growth).

If you slow cook a chicken, don’t salt it. Save the broth in ice cube trays, then put a cube of broth in each bowl of water.

Give your dog ice cubes for treats.


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