Bet You Didnt Know…

Here are 10 enlightening tidbits from Tracey Stewarts book, Do Unto Animals.


1. At the beginning of the twentieth century, pit bulls were among the most popular family dogs, even given the moniker “nanny” dogs. In the 1980s, they became the dog of choice for drug dealers, dogfighters, and gangs, living in deplorable conditions and becoming aggressive as a result of their circumstances. Much of their reputation is due to unfortunate treatment rather than to some inbred inability to socialize with people.

2. A male turkey’s head is like a mood ring, turning red if he’s feeling angry or aggressive, blue if he’s excited or happy, and white if he’s in a neutral state.

3. When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you’re saving two dogs: the one you take home and the stray you’re making room for at the shelter.

4. A rooster will sacrifice himself to a hawk rather than allow the hawk to attack one of his hens.

5. One of the big reasons dogs are surrendered to shelters is because of a failure in potty training. The failures are never the dog’s fault. They are because of inconsistent training or an undiagnosed medical problem — almost always correctable.

6. A single ladybug can eat 5,000 aphids in its lifetime. That’s a lot of roses saved!

7. Many adoptable dogs in shelters are not there because of behavioral issues. Often, they are victims of divorce, illness, allergies, a new baby, a move that didn’t include them, or the death of their caregiver.

8. Turkeys make purring sounds when they are content.

9. Lavender and chamomile scents can relieve stress for a dog.

10. Cows cry.


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