Too Many Dogs Are Weekend Warriors


Our dogs are a nation of couch potatoes during the week and warriors on weekends,” just like we are,” says Tufts University veterinary pain specialist Alicia Karas, DVM. “A lot of people take their dogs out only for quick walks during the week, but then throw a ball or Frisbee for their pet to fetch on Saturday until the animal can barely move. Dogs love it, but that’s not a good exercise pattern. It strains muscles and joints, just like it does for people.”

Instead, Dr. Karas says, go for consistent activities most days of the week that gradually build your dog’s muscles rather than intermittent hard exercise. “Toy dogs need regular exercise, too,” she points out. It may not be as intense as regular exercise for, say, a Lab, but even running around the house in a game of chase helps strengthens a little dog’s muscles and improves her health overall.


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