Dear Doctor: Shaving caused a problem


Q. My dog had to be shaved around the neck area because he had so many burrs, and there was no other way to remove them. But now he has developed a spot in the shaved area that is about the size of a quarter and just keeps getting redder. And he has become very itchy there, with the scratching making it worse. What’s going on?

Edwina Genge
Buffalo, New York

Dear Ms. Genge,

A. Get your dog to the doctor. He probably needs an antibiotic. Some dogs develop what is called a post-clipping bacterial infection, known medically as post-grooming bacterial folliculitis-furunculosis.

Sometimes after shaving, hair follicles that are more exposed become contaminated with bacteria. Even bathing a dog can cause the infection in certain cases. Substances used to clean a dog that were never applied before can make the skin act up.

Post-grooming bacterial infections sometimes clear on their own, but that does not seem to be the case with your dog. We should also note that these types of infections tend not to be very itchy, so there may be something else going on beside any effect from shaving.


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