Will Extra Bathing Help Control Dandruff?


If your dog has dandruff and the cause is not a skin condition or a nutrient deficiency but rather simply a genetic predisposition, more frequent bathing will not “get rid of” the problem. But it will help, as will increased brushing because it will remove dead hair to which sheets of skin cells may be attached. How often to bathe a dog with genetically caused, or primary, dandruff? “In severe cases where the cosmetic effect really bothers the owner, we suggest weekly,” says Lluis Ferrer, DVM, PhD, a board-certified veterinary dermatologist at Tufts Cummings School. “People are really scared of bathing their dog, but you can bathe your dog regularly with no ill health effects. It does help a little with the dandruff. You don’t necessarily need a prescription shampoo. There are also over-the-counter dog shampoos formulated for dandruff control.”


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