Get Your Leash

Excerpt from 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance


Teach It:

Your dog will fetch his leash from its regular spot, either upon your command or whenever he wants to go for a walk.

1. Introduce the word “leash” to your dog by using it each time you put it on him. Toss his leash playfully and tell him to “fetch leash.” You’ll want to secure the metal clasp within the leash so your dog doesn’t bonk himself in the head with it in his exuberance! Forming a circle with the leash by buckling the clasp onto the handle is not always a good idea, as the dog can get tangled in the loop.

2. Now put the leash in its regular spot, such as on a hook by the door. Point to it and encourage your dog to “get your leash!” Maneuvering the leash off the hook may be a little tricky, so be ready to help coax it off if your dog is heaving trouble. Reward your dog by immediately buckling his leash to his collar and taking him out for a walk. In this trick, the reward is a walk instead of a treat, so be sure to introduce this concept early on.

3. The next time you are ready to go for a walk, get your dog excited to go out, and then have him get his leash before leaving.

What to Expect: Don’t be surprised if your dog interrupts your TV show by dropping his leash in your lap! This method of communicating his wishes sure beast barking and scratching at the door, so try to reward his politeness with a walk as often as possible.

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