Turn Off the Light

Excerpt from 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance


Teach It:

Your dog will learn to paw a light switch on the wall, turning the lights on or off. A flat, rocker light switch is easiest, especially for flipping the switch to the up position. Small dogs may require a stool placed under the switch.

1. Hold a treat against the wall a little above the light switch and encourage your dog with “lights, get it!” Let him have the treat when he is able to reach the switch.

2. Hold the treat a little above the switch and away from the wall while tapping the switch with your other hand. Encourage your dog up again, but keep the treat clenched in your fist until he paws once or twice against the wall. Praise him and give him the treat while he is still upright.

3. Tap the switch plate while cueing your dog, then put your hands down and allow your dog to paw at eh wall by himself. As he improves, challenge your dog to make a successful switch flip before he is rewarded.

4. Finally, stand across the room and send your dog by himself to kill the lights!

What to Expect: “Get the lights on your way out, will you?” An energetic dog can pick up the concept of scratching the wall pretty quickly, however the nuances of flipping the switch will take more time.

For photos to help teach this trick as well as dozens of other tricks to teach your dog, purchase 101 Dog Tricks from Your Dog.


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