Good Old Dog


Our dogs are living longer than ever, thanks to enormous advances in medical treatment and a highly evolved understanding of what they need to thrive. No one knows this better than the faculty of the Cummings Veterinary School at Tufts, who treat more than 8,000 older dogs annually. Their philosophy of caring for aging dogs combines empathy for each individual dog and owner, a comprehensive approach to patient care, cutting-edge science and technology, and a commitment to innovation. Good Old Dog brings their renowned clinic into your living room, arming you with essential advice to see your dog through his golden years.


– Nutritional advice-not every senior diet is right for every senior dog

– Emphasis on treating conditions common to older dogs so they live longer

– How to evaluate complicated procedures and decide whats right for your dog

– The cost of caring for an older dog and how to shoulder the burden

– How to identify cognitive decline and how to manage it

– Advice on creating a healthy and comfortable environment

– How to determine when its time and how to cope with the loss

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