Happy Dog


From a pedigreed guru, and Oprahs dog groomer, comes just about everything the dog owner needs to know about caring for their pooch. A well cared-for dog is a happy dog. This book goes beyond grooming to explain how the personal touch can make a big difference in a pets physical and emotional health.

Happy Dog shows pet owners step-by-step how to:

  • Monitor a pet’s health
  • Set up a stellar home grooming station
  • Brush, bathe, and dry a panting pal
  • Dog-proof the home and travel right

With his extensive expertise, Billy Rafferty includes invaluable and exclusive features, such as:

  • A yearly grooming calendar
  • Appraisals of products and tools on the market
  • Safety and emergency preparedness tips
  • Pet nutrition, exercise and play rules
  • Illustrations and photos throughout- including special appearances by celebrity dogs

With the expert knowledge condensed in these pages, reading Happy Dog could be the best thing a dog owner ever does for a furry best friend.

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