The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever


Teaching your dog tricks will not only reveal more of your dog’s real personality, including hidden talents, it will also improve your pet’s behavior, reinforce socialization, prevent boredom and restlessness, and instill your pet with greater confidence. And dramatically enrich the relationship the two of you already share.

This fully illustrated guide filled with hundreds of step-by-step photos is organized from beginner level to pro. You’ll learn tricks on the kinds of things any well-behaved dog should know – fetch, paw shake, roll over, sit, time out, cookie paw – to stunts from dance routines to flying disc acrobatics.

Use the secrets of professional dog trainers and take this adventure with your dog. Strengthen the bond between you and your dog. You’ll find that training dog tricks and stunts can change your life!

Order your copy of The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever: A Step-by-Step Guide to 118 Amazing Tricks and Stunts today.

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