The Joy of Dog Training


Written by a world-renowned dog trainer, lecturer, and internationally best-selling author, The Joy of Dog Training puts joy and positive reinforcement at the forefront. You’ll learn the core concepts of dog training and apply those concepts in training 30 different tricks.

  • Master the key elements of dog training—timing, technique, motivation, and building on known behaviors.
  • Train Joyfully! Every bit of enthusiasm that you inject into your training session will speed up your dog’s learning.
  • Use your “high-pitched” happy voice when your dog does something right.
  • Motivate your dog! Blur the line between play and work. Incorporate a toy reward after a great effort.
  • Learn 30 animal training principles — concepts such as Reward Markers, Prompts, Shaping, and more from puppy to old age.
  • And much more.

This interactive program will enhance not only your dog’s performance, but also your overall relationship with your dog. Includes step-by-step instructional text and photos ranging from basic (Sit, Shake Hands, Paws Up) to advanced (Newspaper Delivery, Tidy Up Your Toys, Get a Soda from the Fridge) and more!

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