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For the Sake of the “Child

For the Sake of the “Child

How to break up with the dog's best interests in mind.

April 2018 - Alison Murphy and Jesse Hlava were over. After six years together, there were “a lot of conversations about what we both wanted,” Ms. Murphy says, “and we weren’t having the same idea of what the future would look like.

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Harnessing Your Wayward Dog

Walks can be enjoyable, manageable, and painless.

She lunges. She races. Worst of all, perhaps, is when she digs in her heels and slips out backward, Houdini-like, leaving you with only a leash and collar where once was your dog.

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Rosie and Franklin

If They Could Talk to the Human Folk

On why we give our dogs voices.

Raise your hand if your dog speaks to you in English.

Mine is raised even though I’m still typing. Big mutt Franklin’s voice (thanks to my amazing ventriloquism skills) is very high-pitched and kind of screechy.

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