Dear Doctor: The therapeutic diet doesn’t seem to be working

Q. We had a little dog who needed surgery to remove bladder stones made of calcium oxalate. After that, she was prescribed a diet to make the stones less likely to form again. But they keep com-ing back. Why isn’t the diet working? Colette Lanier Dover, New Hampshire Dear Ms. Lanier, A. We often find […]
On whether to feed dry kibble or wet food, there’s no one right answer.

Which Is Better For Your Dog, Dry Food Or Wet?

Most people feed their dogs all dry food, or almost all. This is especially the case for those with larger dogs. A single bag of dry food lasts for many meals, and the kibble is convenient to store in a bag at the bottom of the pantry and scoop out as needed. Cans or little […]
If your dog is snacking on tuna-based sushi, you’ve got quite a lucky dog.

Dear Doctor: Is tuna a safe treat?

Q. We recently inherited a wonderful 10-year-old dog from a friend who passed away. The dog has been given a bit of tuna with her food every day for many years. We hate to deprive her of her favorite treat but are concerned about mercury content. We fed her a bit of it for the […]
Yes, but is the amount of kibble in the scooper correct?

Measure Food By Weight, Not Volume

Do you weigh your dog’s food before feeding it or measure it out in a cup or serving scoop? If you’re like most people, you go the serving scoop route, which measures food by volume. But it’s very hard to make sure you’re giving the correct amount that way. Research has shown over and over […]
Needs more salt.

So You Want to Make Your Dog’s Meals Yourself

“Feeding kibble is akin to feeding your child junk processed food his entire life,” one Your Dog reader wrote in. She’s not alone in...

Certain Dog Foods May Make It Harder for You to Fight Illness

When researchers at Portugal’s University of Porto tested 14 store-bought raw dog foods for the bacteria Enterococcus, they all contained it. What’s more, the bacteria were resistant to the effects of at least three antibiotics that were supposed to be able to wipe them out. It’s not a small matter. These bacteria can cause urinary […]

It Probably Isn’t a Food Allergy

Suspected food allergy is a common reason people bring their dogs to the Clinical Nutrition Service at Tufts. By the time they get there,...
Raw food, no matter the form in which it’s fed, is laced with serious risks.

Back to the Raw Food Diet Debate

If scientific study showed that raw food diets are better for dogs than cooked food and also that they are safe to feed for...
Once in a while, even the most voracious eater just can’t.

Chicken and Rice for an Upset Tummy?

There’s no shortage of advice on the Internet for what to feed a dog who is having temporary GI upset, either with vomiting, diarrhea,...

Dear Doctor: Are dogs really carnivores?

Q. You said in a recent article that it’s not a good idea to choose dog food by the ingredients list because it doesn’t...
The science on whether a lower-protein diet will curb aggression has been mixed.

Less Protein to Reduce Aggressive Behavior?

At the level of folklore, it makes sense to think that a diet relatively low in protein would help inhibit aggressive tendencies in a...
Would it be better to put out a lot and let the dog choose how much to eat?

Free Feeding Versus Scheduled Feedings

On the face of it, there are a number of reasons to allow your dog unlimited access to food rather than doling it out...