The science on whether a lower-protein diet will curb aggression has been mixed.

Less Protein to Reduce Aggressive Behavior?

At the level of folklore, it makes sense to think that a diet relatively low in protein would help inhibit aggressive tendencies in a dog. After all, throughout history protein has been the nutrient associated with red-blooded men who use aggression to hunt and then dine on protein-rich animal food to keep up their strength […]
Would it be better to put out a lot and let the dog choose how much to eat?

Free Feeding Versus Scheduled Feedings

On the face of it, there are a number of reasons to allow your dog unlimited access to food rather than doling it out in measured portions. One is that she will never go hungry. Like us, dogs are hungrier some days than others, and free feeding will allow her to eat more when she […]
Popcorn can make a good snack for dogs. But for those with certain health conditions, salted popcorn is a bad idea.

Reduced-Sodium Diets: What’s Available?

There’s more than a fair chance that a reduced-sodium diet is in your dog’s future, if it’s not here already. An estimated 10 percent of dogs develop heart disease that requires sodium restriction for proper treatment, and the proportion only goes up with age. At least another 10 percent develop chronic kidney disease, which also […]
Sorting through dog food labels can be a confusing experience if you don’t know how to interpret the information.

How Can a Dog Food Be “For All Life Stages?”

When you look at a bag or can of dog food, there’s always a statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) that says the food is appropriate for any one of a number of phases of a pet’s life. These include “growth” (puppies), “reproduction” (pregnant or nursing bitches), “maintenance” (adult dogs), or […]
Stainless steel is the way to go.

The Right Food Bowl

The best all-around food and water bowls for a dog are made of stainless steel and have a heavy bottom. Glass or ceramic bowls, while often very nice-looking, can break, and bowls made of plastic have a number of potential problems of their own: Bowls composed of plastic are viewed as chewing toys by some […]
Young puppies should be fed more than twice a day.

Dear Doctor: How often to feed a puppy

Q. We’re about to adopt a new puppy. I have always fed my dogs twice a day, but the breeder is telling me that three times a day is better. What’s the right answer? Eugenia Hummer Grapevine, Texas Dear Ms. Hummer, A. Young puppies definitely should be fed more than twice a day. Their developing […]

Five Common Nutrition Mistakes We Make For Our Dogs

We all want to feed our dogs as nutritiously as possible, but many owners’ earnest efforts are misguided. Even with the best of intentions, they end up choosing their dog’s diet on faulty assumptions. Here are five common mistakes loving dog guardians make — and how to correct them. Mistake # 1. Choosing food by […]

The Calories in Bully Sticks

It has been almost a decade since Tufts veterinary nutritionist Lisa Freeman, DVM, tallied the responses of more than 750 people who responded to her questionnaire asking what bully sticks are made of. Almost half were not aware that a bully stick is a bull or steer penis. Neither were almost 40 percent of veterinarians […]

The Dog Food Aromas Our Pets Love

Most people don’t have to worry that their dog won’t eat the food put in front of them. But there are some finicky canine eaters out there, and besides, we all want our pets to enjoy the flavor of the food we feed. To that end, researchers reporting in the Journal of Agricultural and Food […]

The Right (and Wrong) Treats for Training

When training either a puppy or adult dog, you’re going to need lots of food treats to keep your pet focused on getting it right. But to make sure not too many of his calories come from treats, which are generally not complete and balanced nutritionally, make sure each one is no bigger than your […]
Devoted woman kneeling and feeding hungry pet dog

Dog Nutrition Slipping

More people are feeding their pets homemade diets today than a decade ago even though homemade meal plans for dogs are often rife with nutritional inadequacies and imbalances. Researchers made the finding when they surveyed almost 3,000 households with dogs in the U.S. and several other countries. They also found that more dog guardians are […]

What to Do If You Think Dog Food Made Your Pet Sick

Every so often, there is a media report about a pet food recall that occurs in the wake of animals becoming sick. The news...