Little Dogs, Big Health Concerns

Nearly one out of every two dogs in the U.S. weighs less than 25 pounds, making small and toy dogs the biggest single category of canine pets. Waning are the days when people needed good-size cattle dogs to herd sheep or hunting dogs to ferret out a grouse for dinner. Adorably little is in. But […]

Short Takes: September 2022

Brush Your Short-Haired Dog, Too Even short-haired breeds like beagles and boxers require regular brushing, not just Afghans and collies. Why? Brushing doesn’t just make a dog look good. It distributes protective oils from a dog’s skin throughout her coat, removes dirt, helps keep her skin free of irritants, and, in general, helps the hair […]

Have You Been Practicing Proper Pet Food Hygiene?

Are you aware of the Food and Drug Administration’s pet food hygiene guidelines for minimizing the spread of harmful bacteria in your home that can make you or your dog sick? If not, you’re by no means alone. When researchers asked pretty much the same question of more than 400 people with dogs participating in […]

National Spoil Your Dog Day Coming Up

August 10 is National Spoil Your Dog Day, offering you an official excuse to go the extra mile for your canine pal with a new toy, outing, or whatever you know will feel just right. And why not? Your dog is there for you 24/7, hanging on your every word and movement, smiling when you’re […]

Short Takes: August 2022

Canine Itching Remedy In 
Your Own Medicine Chest Just like us, sometimes dogs get a nasty itch that keeps them scratching. A short-term treatment can be Benadryl (diphenhydramine), which you may have on hand for when you yourself feel itchy. But proper dosing is critical. The wrong amount can cause everything in a dog from […]

Rawhide Not Like Chewing Gum In Terms of Calories

Because your dog takes time chewing a piece of rawhide, you might assume it’s like chewing gum and doesn’t provide any (or many) calories, or that the dog burns them off while tugging away. Not so. A rawhide treat that’s roughly 2 inches by 6 inches and just an eighth of an inch thick will […]

Poolside Safety Precautions

When it’s summertime and the weather is hot, many dogs, like their human families, enjoy splashing around in a pool, lake, or at the beach. But they absolutely should not take a dip unless under your watchful eye. Contrary to popular belief, doggie paddling doesn’t come naturally to all canines. Some dogs can’t even swim. […]

Dear Doctor July 2022

Garlic for warding off fleas and ticks? You said in a recent issue that garlic is toxic for dogs. Why, then, do some companies sell garlic tablets and granules to be ingested by dogs for flea and tick control? James Edwards Alto, New Mexico Dear Mr. Edwards, We don’t recommend using garlic to ward off […]

Protecting Your Dog from an All-Too-Common Ligament Tear

In people it’s called an ACL tear — a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament that helps connect the thigh bone (femur) to the shinbone (tibia) and leaves both competitive and amateur athletes crumpled in pain. In dogs, it’s called a CCL tear — same ligament, different name. It tends to hobble dogs more gradually […]

When Your Dog Can’t Stop Licking His Legs

Your dog won’t stop licking one of his front legs to the point that there’s a significant abrasion at or above his “wrist” (carpal joint). It looks like a big open sore, with the fur eaten away right down through the skin. You keep telling him to leave his leg alone, but he simply cannot; […]

Keep Your Medicine Out of Your Dog’s Reach

Nearly 50 percent of all calls to the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center are about pets inadvertently getting into medications for people. Pills can mistakenly be dropped on the floor or intentionally given to dogs in a well-meaning but ill-fated attempt to make a sick animal feel better. Here are the top 10 human medication […]

How Does Your Veterinarian Touch Your Dog?

Marty Becker, DVM, founder of the Fear Free initiative to help veterinarians ensure that dogs and other pets feel safe and calm during veterinary visits, says that every time we hug a family member, whether two- or four-legged, the “feel good” hormone oxytocin is released in the body. It provides a sensation associated with calmness, […]