A Psychological Reason Behind Your Dog’s Excess Weight?

More than 50 percent of dogs in the U.S. are estimated to be overweight. Part of the reason may be a psychological problem — yours. In many households, people turn food into currency for love. They fear that withholding as much food or as many treats as their dog wants will fray the bond they have with their pet. It won’t — if you show your pet love in all the other important ways.

Yes, 10 Percent of Your Dog’s Total Calories as Treats, But What’s 10 Percent?

You may have heard that treats should make up no more than 10 percent of your dog’s calories. But if you don’t know how many calories your dog should be consuming in the first place, that advice isn’t so handy-dandy. Fortunately, there’s a formula for the right number of daily calories overall, at least if your dog weighs between 5 and 55 pounds: 30 x ideal weight (in kilograms) + 70.

New Guidelines for Helping an Itchy Dog

A healthy dog scratches himself so little that you don’t even really notice it, and he certainly doesn’t spend time biting or licking his coat. More than a few seconds of scratching here or there over the course of a day (or rolling against a surface to relieve itchiness), and there’s a good chance something is wrong.

Letting a dog know that his canine housemate has died

Q: I have three senior dogs who have always been together sharing everything. At some point, one will die or, more likely, need to be put down. What is the best way of letting the other two know that one has passed and will not be coming home? If the dog has to be euthanized at the vet’s office, should I bring all three with me so that the others know their friend has passed?

Is It the Vet’s Fault or Yours?

Nearly one in two people with pets have gotten into a disagreement or heated interaction with their veterinarian or others on their animal’s veterinary staff. So suggests a survey of 1,000 people conducted by Banfield Hospital, which offers veterinary services in 42 states. At the same time, a separate survey of more than 1,300 veterinarians conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) indicates that nine in 10 veterinary professionals have experienced negative or “escalating” client interactions. Perhaps the pandemic and its tribulations have contributed to this slide toward mutual antagonism, but whatever the cause, it is painfully clear that not all is hunky dory at your dog’s doctor’s office.

Nope, tennis balls are not the greatest choking hazard. But they’re up there.

If Your Dog is Choking

A choking dog is an emergency. An animal has to be able to breathe. Before rushing to the vet, first try the following.

dog anxiety

When an Older Dog Develops Separation Anxiety

If a dog who has never minded your leaving the house without her suddenly develops separation anxiety when she is older, get her to the doctor. Much of the time, it’s a medical issue that triggers the problem. The dog is in pain for some reason, and she now becomes anxious and insecure in your absence. If the pain interferes with her physical functioning, it can undermine her security all the more. Often, but not always, such a dog had sub-clinical separation anxiety in her younger years that simply was never picked up.

The Safest Way to Break Up a Dog Fight Involves Resisting Your Instincts

Dogs are lovers, not fighters. They are genetically primed to get along with each other — to explore together, to play with each other, and to relax in each other’s presence. But some dogs haven’t been socialized to understand other dogs. They may have had a bad experience with another dog as a puppy that was imprinted on their psyche very young, or they may not be feeling well. As a result, they can become anxious and prone to misunderstand cues from other dogs. And that can make them aggressive — to the point that they feel they have to attack to stay safe, even if they have not been provoked.

A Surefire Way to Ratchet Down Your Dog’s Pain

When your dog is off leash and won’t come back to you, your natural inclination may be to yell or show exasperation in some other way. It’s understandable. Dogs are faster than we are, and it induces anxiety when they’re in a situation that we can’t control physically. But doing a quick self-check and taking the lead by acting calmly will always serve your pet — and you — better. He’s more likely to return to you if he sees you’re not angry. He’ll be more likely to comply in general if you don’t make a bad situation worse by exhibiting displeasure that will only leave him anxious or confused. But were you aware that not losing it with a hand-wringing response will also serve your dog when he is in pain?

Neighbor threatens to shoot aggressive dog

Q: My black Lab, about three years old, is very aggressive. While perfectly friendly once she knows you, she will nip strangers’ heels. But my bigger problem is that several times now, she has jumped on a smaller terrier who lives next door, actually biting that dog badly enough that it had to be taken to the vet to clean its wounds and perhaps get stitches. The last time it happened, my neighbor had the gun out and demands that I get rid of my dog or he will kill her. Unfortunately, I have never been around when all this happens. I should note that my dog is afraid of thunder and firecrackers and that this is the only dog she has ever bothered. I am in my 80s and live alone. I do not want to lose my pet. If you could help with suggestions, it would be very much appreciated.

Your Dog’s Fur May Not Protect Him While He Waits in a Cold Car

Just as a car can be like a greenhouse in summer and become much hotter than it is outside, it can also act like a refrigerator in the winter and become much colder. A car has little to no insulation.

Your Dog is Not Relieving Herself in the House to Get Back at You

If your potty-trained dog eliminates in your absence, it’s not to spite you or be vindictive about you leaving. It’s most likely because she feels panicked in your absence. In fact, that look on her face when you arrive back home is not remorse or guilt — it’s fear. She sees you’re angry at her and doesn’t understand why, since all she knows is that she has just been through an ordeal.