Same Rules Apply to Dogs for Taking Their Blood Pressure

People are not supposed to have their blood pressure taken at the doctor’s office until they have sat quietly for at least 5 minutes after coming in. Commotion from getting out of the car and any potential anxiety associated with checking in can skew results. It’s the same for dogs. The best way for the […]

This One’s a Tearjerker

You know how we don’t only cry when we’re sad but also when we’re relieved, as a kind of catharsis when the sadness has ended? It appears that dogs form tears when they are relieved, too — specifically, when they are reunited with us after many hours of separation. In an experiment by Japanese researchers […]

He’s Not Being Lazy. He’s Getting Older

Your dog has always jumped into the car excitedly, but now he won’t budge unless you give him a boost. Yet he still loves running around like crazy. Why is he insisting that you help lift him when he’s still very active? Or you call him from the next room to go for a walk, […]

More Calories For Fido With Winter Coming On?

There’s no doubt about it. Cold weather increases calorie requirements for a dog. It takes more calories to maintain weight in 20-degree weather than in 75-degree weather. But how many extra calories are necessary hinges on how much cold weather a dog finds herself in. Based on that information, for most dogs the number of […]

Do Dogs Recognize Themselves 
in the Mirror?

If you put some tape on the forehead of a chimpanzee or a dab of cream on his nose, he will see those things on himself in the mirror and work to take them off. Dolphins also appear to have passed what is called the “mirror mark test,” at least to some degree. Not so, […]

Doggie Doors With Facial Recognition

Raccoons, opossums, stray cats…these are just some of the uninvited guests who may make their way through your pet’s doggie door, according to the Humane Society of the United States. While a stray cat or neighbor’s dog may just present an extra mouth to feed, a wild animal may very well carry in disease, along […]

Giving Your Dog Time to Sniff on Walks Will Literally Soothe His Heart

We have often said to let your dog sniff to his heart’s content while on walks because the aim for him isn’t to cover distance but to “read” his world, which he does with his nose. Now there’s proof that allowing a dog time to check things out with his nose during walks will actually […]

Dear Doctor: October 2022

But where to put the poop that you pick up? Q: We know it’s important to pick up your dog’s poop to protect the environment. But where is the appropriate place to dispose of it? Also, how does dog poop differ from the waste of foxes, wolves, coyotes and deer, cows, and horses, all of […]

Little Dogs, Big Health Concerns

Nearly one out of every two dogs in the U.S. weighs less than 25 pounds, making small and toy dogs the biggest single category of canine pets. Waning are the days when people needed good-size cattle dogs to herd sheep or hunting dogs to ferret out a grouse for dinner. Adorably little is in. But […]

Short Takes: September 2022

Brush Your Short-Haired Dog, Too Even short-haired breeds like beagles and boxers require regular brushing, not just Afghans and collies. Why? Brushing doesn’t just make a dog look good. It distributes protective oils from a dog’s skin throughout her coat, removes dirt, helps keep her skin free of irritants, and, in general, helps the hair […]

Have You Been Practicing Proper Pet Food Hygiene?

Are you aware of the Food and Drug Administration’s pet food hygiene guidelines for minimizing the spread of harmful bacteria in your home that can make you or your dog sick? If not, you’re by no means alone. When researchers asked pretty much the same question of more than 400 people with dogs participating in […]

National Spoil Your Dog Day Coming Up

August 10 is National Spoil Your Dog Day, offering you an official excuse to go the extra mile for your canine pal with a new toy, outing, or whatever you know will feel just right. And why not? Your dog is there for you 24/7, hanging on your every word and movement, smiling when you’re […]