Yes, But Which Toothbrush?

If you’re making New Year’s resolutions, why not improve your dog’s health by adding a daily dental hygiene regimen to your list? Consider the accumulation of plaque that develops on your pet’s teeth and eventually hardens under her gum line, bringing bacteria, discomfort, and eventual destabilization of the teeth that can largely be avoided with […]
If you apply the flea and tick preventive topically with a pipette between the shoulder blades, you really need to do it every 30 days or your dog won’t be properly protected.

For Flea and Tick Control, Topical, Pill, or Collar?

It’s important to keep your dog protected from fleas and ticks all year round in order to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases from those two parasites, some of which can be very severe. But which product should you use? Herein, a guide to help you select the preventative that will best suit your dog. […]

Date Night Goes to the Dogs

What could be better than going to the movies and enjoying a glass of wine while snuggling with a loved one who adores you? In Plano, Texas, you can do just that at a theater that allows dogs. Fifteen dollars will get you and your furry companion seats, wine (or whiskey), and the screening of such movies as A Dogs Journey. All you have to do is show proof on the first visit that your pet has had all the necessary vaccinations, be prepared to take your dog for potty breaks, and, if you dont make it outside in time, clean up.
Car ramps do not come naturally to all dogs.

Walking the Plank

“Some dogs, you put on the leash and they happily run right up the ramp and into the back of the SUV,” says Tufts...
Rawhide is not the right treat for all dogs.

Re-thinking Rawhide as a Chew Toy

Even though many people give their dogs rawhide, it can prove a significant safety hazard. If a pet lazily tugs at the rawhide little...
dog cone

Treating Hot Spots

What looks like an open wound on your dog’s skin is causing an itch that won’t quit. She keeps scratching, licking, chewing, or biting...
White Dog With Black Spots. Playful And Hungry Dog On A Suburban

Helping a Dog You Find On the Street

As a dog lover, you’ve no doubt experienced that tug on your heart — and your conscience — when you’ve spotted a dog roaming...
Welsh Corgi Pembroke dog

The Number One Dog Breed in America

About half of Americans with dogs have mixed breeds, aka mutts. But for the half of dog lovers who adopt purebred pets, the number...
Her dog doesn't let her exercise

Hold That Pose

If the phrase “dog yoga” brings to mind a calendar image of a golden retriever holding an adorable but unlikely yoga pose, think again....

A Summer Haircut May Seem Right, But It’s Not

When the temperatures soar, boys get buzz cuts to keep cool, and girls pull their hair into ponytails. With their dogs’ comfort in mind,...
Dog Harness

Is Your Dog’s Car Harness, Travel Crate, or Carrier Crash-Test Certified?

Knowing it’s not safe to let your dog wander around the car during road trips, you buckle her into a harness before taking off....

Jogging Partners

You’ve been running with your dog for 3 years, and she has always loved it — couldn’t wait to get out there. But lately,...