Dog vaccinated by veterinarian

Dear Doctor: Cancer Vaccines

Q. I enjoyed your article in the April issue about new cancer treatments on the horizon. I’ve also heard there is something called a...
Vet examining dog

Dear Doctor: DVM or VMD?

Q. Usually the letters after a veterinarian’s name are DVM. But sometimes I see VMD. Is that a typo? Julie DeVito Levittown, Pennsylvania Dear Ms. DeVito, A. Nope,...
Cloudy eyes

Dear Doctor: Cloudy Eyes

Q. Both of my 11-year-old dog’s eyes have gone cloudy. He has cataracts, doesn’t he? Will he need cataract surgery? Oliver Pryor Grapeland, Texas Dear Mr. Pryor, A....

No Such Thing as a ‘Hypoallergenic’ Dog

We recently ran across this post on social media: “We’re thinking of getting a bichon frise, a cavalier King Charles spaniel, or a miniature...
Small dog

Small Dogs, Big Dental Issues

Most dogs start going for yearly teeth cleanings around the age of five or six. It’s at that point that enough hardened plaque (calculus)...
dog eating food

Dietary Solution for Urinary Stones

Urinary stones in dogs not only cause pain. In severe enough cases, they can lead to a complete blockage of urine flow — a...
Fatty tumor in dogs

More and more fatty tumors

Q. My dog is only 5 years old but has already been getting fatty tumors for a couple of years. The vet says they’re...
Tufts veterinary oncologist Cheryl London,

Better Canine Cancer Treatments on the Horizon

It used to be a breast cancer patient was a breast cancer patient,” says Tufts veterinary oncology researcher Cheryl London, DVM, PhD. “But now...

Dear Doctor: Over-vaccinating?

I recently read that the American Animal Hospital Association recommends vaccines not be given more frequently than every 3 years and that excessive vaccinations can aggravate autoimmune diseases. The veterinary hospital I visit with my dog recommends a distemper shot every year. Is there science to support the idea of vaccinating annually?

When Your Dog Smells Really, Really Bad

Theres no getting around it - dogs can smell pretty stinky. Some of the odor comes from bacteria and yeast in the skin that break down and oxidize oils (fats) on the skins surface. That fat breakdown releases the telltale volatile compounds that we associate with dogs un-perfume-like scent. Some of the nasty odor also comes from the waste left behind on a dogs coat by resident microorganisms, and some comes from sweat.

Recognizing and Treating Dry Eye

Has your dog been squinting more than usual? Is at least one of his eyes red? And is there some mucous discharge from one or both eyes - not the grey, jelly-like ooze that you can easily wipe away but something thicker and perhaps more yellowish as well as harder to remove? If so, get your dog to the veterinarian. Theres a reasonable chance he is not producing enough tears and has a condition called dry eye, known in medical circles as kerato-conjunctivitis sicca. Its a fairly common illness among dogs that can lead to impaired vision if not diagnosed and treated.

Can Dogs Live Longer? Enter Your Pet in a Study to Find Out

In the largest study to date on aging in dogs, researchers will follow tens of thousands of dogs for 10 years to gather critical information on whether canine life expectancy can be improved. They will also examine whether dogs overall quality of life can be maintained over a longer geriatric stretch. Which dogs will participate? Perhaps yours.