The American Kennel Club Recognizes 
Its 200th Breed

It looks like a bloodhound mix, but it’s a Bracco Italiano, the latest breed to be recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Like the pointer, one of the first breeds to be recognized by the AKC back in the late 1800s, the well-muscled Bracco likes to hunt. This is not a dog whose favorite […]

The Queen Knew Dogs’ Power to Calm

David Nott is a Welsh surgeon who has worked on the front lines in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones. When he had the opportunity to have lunch with Queen Elizabeth II one day and she politely asked him about his travels, he started having a panic attack. His bottom lip quivered as […]

Same Rules Apply to Dogs for Taking Their Blood Pressure

People are not supposed to have their blood pressure taken at the doctor’s office until they have sat quietly for at least 5 minutes after coming in. Commotion from getting out of the car and any potential anxiety associated with checking in can skew results. It’s the same for dogs. The best way for the […]

If You Die Before Your Dog

Because dogs live an average of 10 to 15 years, and our lifespan averages closer to 80, we don’t generally expect to go first. Yet more than a half million pets are orphaned each year due to an owner’s death or disability. And shelters are full of pets whose owners died without making provisions for […]

Dear Doctor: September 2022

But why was the older dog left at the shelter? Q: My wife and I like the idea of adopting an older dog who might not otherwise have the opportunity  to live in a home, but what’s giving us pause is wondering why a family would leave a dog at a shelter in the first […]

Dear Doctor: August 2022

But which raw diet? Q: I have several dogs and usually feed them dry kibble in the morning and a brand of dehydrated food cooked to 165 degrees Fahrenheit (enough to kill harmful bacteria) in the evening. I am considering an evening switch to raw food. My vet won’t discuss this with me as he […]

Big dogs, big dreams

There’s a correlation between the size of a dog and his sleep, says psychologist and dog researcher Stanley Coren, PhD. The bigger the dog, the longer the REM cycles — those portions of sleep in which most dreaming occurs. Lest you think that means big dogs dream more than little ones, Dr. Coren also says […]
A dog left alone in a foreclosed home can become aggressive when finally approached.

Dogs Left in Foreclosed Homes

When people can no longer pay their mortgage and lose their home as a result, they sometimes cannot take their dog with them and decide to leave him in the house. They assume “the next person” will find their pet and take good care of him. It’s a bad idea. “Agents for the foreclosure company […]

Does a Dog in the Bed Enhance or Diminish Sleep Quality?

Science would tell you that having a dog in the bed with you will interfere with a solid night’s sleep. Research on two dozen dogs showed that our canine friends wake up 23 times during an 8-hour sleep cycle — and stay awake for 5 minutes each time, sometimes barking! People, on the other hand, […]

Rx For Pain Reduction in Hospital Emergency Rooms: Dogs

Pain is the reason for 80 percent of all visits to hospital emergency rooms, yet conditions in emergency room departments can actually contribute to pain intensity. Bright lighting, persistent noise, extended wait times, lack of distractions…all of these emergency room factors can increase actual pain as well as the perception of pain. But research conducted […]

Rx for Disaster: A Small Dog in the Backyard — Without You There to...

More than half of all pet dogs in the United States weigh fewer than 25 pounds, and the trend appears to be edging downward, with many dogs weighing significantly less than that. Is it safe to let a toy breed or other very small dog out in the backyard by himself? No, says Florina Tseng, […]

Norway Bans the Breeding of Two Popular Dog Breeds, Citing Severe Health Problems

Norway has banned the breeding of English bulldogs and cavalier King Charles spaniels, both among the most popular dog breeds. The ban came in response to a lawsuit brought by an animal rights group called the Norwegian Society for the Protection of Animals. The group argues that breeding those dogs violates the country’s Animal Protection […]