No Such Thing as a ‘Hypoallergenic’ Dog

We recently ran across this post on social media: “We’re thinking of getting a bichon frise, a cavalier King Charles spaniel, or a miniature...

When a Breed Is Not a Breed

You like the generally friendly and easygoing temperament of a golden retriever but prefer the look of a curly-haired pet like a poodle, especially...
Dog alone with plastic Easter grass.

A Dog’s Top 4 Easter Hazards

The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center says four things top the list of Easter dangers for dogs and should be kept out of their...

‘Trying on’ Parenting With a Dog

You need watch only two or three episodes of House Hunters on HGTV to figure out that a lot of young couples preview what...

How to Use Music to Keep Your Dog Calm

Research suggests that if dogs could put together their own playlists, Metallica and Black Sabbath would be out - they dont like heavy metal. Beethoven and Vivaldi would be in, along with perhaps a little Bob Marley and Sting. They appear to chill with classical music and, one study suggests, reggae and soft rock.

Protecting Military Dogs Ears

Dogs in combat zones can suffer hearing loss from explosions, gunfire, even helicopter engines. The hero dog Conan who was brought to the White House several months ago was no doubt subjected to a serious ear-pounding (as well as an injury) when he cornered the leader of ISIS in a tunnel and the man detonated a suicide vest. Hearing protection for military dogs exists, but how well it protects dogs ears is not clear. Furthermore, it is rigid, cumbersome, and hard to put on.

Three Super-Easy Ways to Make Your Dog Happier

Dogs put up with a lot to accommodate themselves to our world. Yet in many ways we dont consider a world in which theyd feel more comfortable. Its not because we dont care. Its because we dont automatically consider how their senses influence their experiences. With our dogs senses in mind, here are three ways to make living with us better.

Can Dogs Live Longer? Enter Your Pet in a Study to Find Out

In the largest study to date on aging in dogs, researchers will follow tens of thousands of dogs for 10 years to gather critical information on whether canine life expectancy can be improved. They will also examine whether dogs overall quality of life can be maintained over a longer geriatric stretch. Which dogs will participate? Perhaps yours.

Illuminating Your Dog for Better Nighttime Walking, Playing

If late-night and perhaps pre-dawn walks with your dog are part of your routine, you might consider using LED collars, leashes, and toys to brighten things up. Colorfully lit dog-walking gear will make you and your pet more visible to passing motorists and to each other. At the same time, theyll help illuminate your path as well as make waste clean-up easier in the dark.

The Shelter May Not Look Perfect, But…

Shelters dont always seem the perfect picture of animal care. Some cages may be dirty and food bowls, empty. But looks can be deceiving. Before you write off a shelter as bad for the animals it cares for and therefore not fit to house an animal you would want to adopt (or not fit for your charitable efforts), consider these points.

Retractable Leashes Present Very Serious Risks

For an ill-trained dog who wont come when called or gets into scrapes with other dogs or people when off leash, a retractable leash may seem the perfect solution. It allows an unruly pet more freedom than a regular leash as the line unfurls - 10, 15, or more feet. But an untrained pet is the very dog for whom a retractable leash is a bad idea. Thats because it doesnt take the place of responsible training that teaches dogs to come wait, and leave it. So dogs on retractable leashes continue to lunge, pull, and engage in all kinds of other undesirable behaviors, just as they do on short leashes, but the leashs lock mechanism doesnt let them be reeled in fast enough to contain the havoc. You have to walk toward the dog to shorten the leash, which takes time.

Being a Dog Person is in Your Genes, Literally

You may think you chose to have a dog in your life. But your decision to have a dog may have been genetically predetermined.