Yes, but can a dog who is always carried like this learn to socialize?

Little Yappy Dogs

Imagine if short, slight people were laughed at and called “cute” every time they acted aggressively, or even rudely? Or if they were coddled...

‘Trying on’ Parenting With a Dog

You need watch only two or three episodes of House Hunters on HGTV to figure out that a lot of young couples preview what...
Dog alone with plastic Easter grass.

A Dog’s Top 4 Easter Hazards

The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center says four things top the list of Easter dangers for dogs and should be kept out of their...

Dear Doctor: Do dog owners have a higher risk of contracting COVID-19?

Q. I read in my local paper that regularly walking a dog increases the chances that you will get the coronavirus — by more than 70 percent. To say that statistic makes me uncomfortable is an understatement. I have to walk my dog no matter what, of course, but is it really true that I […]
Introducing a puppy to new people is hard to do right now, but there are other ways you can help socialize a very young dog.

Adjusting Puppies to People

“There’s a lot of mythology out there about not exposing puppies to the outside world until they’ve had all their vaccines,” says Tufts veterinary behaviorist Stephanie Borns-Weil, DVM. “But that can take many months. And a puppy’s socialization window largely ends when she is just 14 to 16 weeks old.” It’s for that reason that […]

How Long to Wait Before Getting a Next Dog?

What is the right amount of time to wait before getting a new dog after a beloved pet dies? One Month? Two? Six? The answer is the amount of time that feels right. Most people don’t want to bring home a next dog while they are in the throes of grief. But grief plays out […]
Fine, but the dog can’t lie around all week and then do this just on Saturday and Sunday.

Too Many Dogs Are Weekend Warriors

Our dogs are a nation of couch potatoes during the week and warriors on weekends,” just like we are,” says Tufts University veterinary pain specialist Alicia Karas, DVM. “A lot of people take their dogs out only for quick walks during the week, but then throw a ball or Frisbee for their pet to fetch […]
Options abound for dogs who are miserable recuperating with their heads in hard plastic cones.

No More E-Collar Misery

There’s nothing more pitiful than a dog having to navigate his way around a room when fitted with a hard, plastic funnel-shaped Elizabethan collar, also known as an e-collar. These collars have been a necessary evil because it’s important that dogs’ mouths be kept from reaching a surgical incision or skin infection or wound that […]

Dogs Can’t Control Their Hair Standing On End

We’ve seen people angrily tell their dogs to put down their hair when it’s standing on end because they feel their pet is being unnecessarily aggressive. Don’t. A dog can no better make his hair go down than we can decide not to have goose bumps. In fact, the two involuntary bodily reactions are pretty […]
Don’t be caught short. Buying health insurance for your dog will protect you in the crunch.

Why You Should Buy Pet Health Insurance — and How to Choose a...

Imagine a member of your household needing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to help diagnose a certain condition so the doctor can be sure of the right treatment, but you decide to forgo it because at $1,400, it’s too expensive; you’ll just wait and see what happens. Or picture a dog you love requiring hospitalization for […]
Being held makes a puppy secure and mature.

Pick Up the Puppy

When you bring home a young puppy, you should make a point of frequently picking her up and holding her. The more you do, the faster her brain will develop and the sooner she’ll reach emotional maturity. It’s believed it has something to do with the way mother dogs treat their young. New mothers often […]
How do they love us? Let us count the ways!

The Heart (Beat) Never Lies

In a small but telling piece of research, researchers in the United Kingdom equipped dogs with special collars that tracked their heart rates for 7 days and found the following: When a dog’s human companion said, “I love you,” their pet’s heart rate shot up by 46 percent, from an average of 67 beats per […]