Being held makes a puppy secure and mature.

Pick Up the Puppy

When you bring home a young puppy, you should make a point of frequently picking her up and holding her. The more you do, the faster her brain will develop and the sooner she’ll reach emotional maturity. It’s believed it has something to do with the way mother dogs treat their young. New mothers often […]
How do they love us? Let us count the ways!

The Heart (Beat) Never Lies

In a small but telling piece of research, researchers in the United Kingdom equipped dogs with special collars that tracked their heart rates for 7 days and found the following: When a dog’s human companion said, “I love you,” their pet’s heart rate shot up by 46 percent, from an average of 67 beats per […]

Veterinarians: In It for the Money?

Looking at veterinarians’ salaries cynically, it would be easy to assume that at least some of them are in it for the money. After all, an animal doctor just out of veterinary school can reasonably expect to earn at least $70,000 in the first year. But let’s take a closer look at the numbers. Both […]
Oodles of poodle genes.

Labradoodle More “Oodle” than “Lab”

Unlike the goldendoodle, which is only four or five generations out from either a straight poodle or a straight golden retriever, Labradoodles (officially called Australian Labradoodles) have been bred for decades and are on their way to becoming a recognized breed. Now a new study that has looked at 150,000 locations along the Labradoodle genome […]

Casual Good-Byes, Heartfelt Returns

Did you know there’s a right way to say good-bye when you depart from your dog? And a right way to say hello when...
Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Puppy, 10 Weeks Old, Looking At S

The Best Way to De-Skunk Your Dog

Your dog has been sprayed by a skunk. The most effective way to get rid of the stench is to a. bathe your pet in tomato juice. b. your pet in a combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dishwashing detergent. c. bathe your pet in cider vinegar diluted with water. There is no shortage […]
Woman With Three Dogs.

The Win-Win-Win of Fostering a Dog

"Foster care for dogs in a shelter is a win-win-win,” says Emily McCobb, DVM, Director of Shelter and Community Medicine at the Tufts Cummings...
sheltie puppy

Your One-Year-Old Dog is Older Than You Think

We all are familiar with the old saw that every year a dog lives is the equivalent of seven years of a person’s life....
Welsh Corgi Pembroke dog

The Number One Dog Breed in America

About half of Americans with dogs have mixed breeds, aka mutts. But for the half of dog lovers who adopt purebred pets, the number...

The Right Breed for Your Climate

Just as some people are not “built for the heat” or not “built for the cold,” so it goes with different dog breeds. While...

Can You Own a Dog?

Eighty-five percent of people with dogs consider their pets to be part of the family, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s U.S. Pet...

Don’t Give Up On Your ‘Teenage’ Dog

Dogs reach adolescence at about 8 months and remain “juveniles” until they are 2 years old. And more dogs in that age group are...