A dog with a hookworm infection can become quite weak.

Hookworms Becoming Resistant to Treatment

Hookworm infection is on the rise, but the drugs traditionally used to treat it are not working as effectively as they once did to kill the parasites. The worms literally hook onto the interior of the small intestine, causing symptoms ranging from severe GI distress to emaciation and weakness. Puppies can die from hookworm disease. […]

Urinary Incontinence in Female Versus Male Dogs

Urinary incontinence is relatively common in female dogs. Sometimes it’s about a hereditary, deep skin fold in the vulva. The problem can be treated with a relatively simple surgery. Another common cause of urinary incontinence is the loss of the hormone estrogen when a dog is spayed. The lower the estrogen level, the lower the […]
If the dog is anxious at the doctor’s office, his blood pressure might spike temporarily, giving a misleading number.

White Coat Hypertension

White-coat hypertension is now a well-known phenomenon in people. In response to the stress of being in the doctor’s office, some patients’ blood pressure rises higher than it normally does, so it is difficult for the physician to obtain an accurate reading. It turns out the same thing can happen to dogs. One study of […]

Dear Doctor: The dog can’t stop sneezing

Q. We split our time between Dallas and Amelia Island off the coast of Florida. In both locations, our 13-year-old Pomeranian sneezes several times...

Q. Can the dog move into the senior living facility, too?

Q. At age 74, my mother is still mobile but shouldn’t really be living on her own anymore, and she has agreed that she’d be better off in a housing facility for older people where staff is on hand to look after the residents. But it would be extremely difficult for her to part with […]
A clinical exam before the spay.

Remove the Uterus During Spaying?

You’ve heard about the evidence that spaying a dog might predispose her to certain cancers but have decided to spay your puppy, anyway. Your decision is a reasonable one. Although some research suggests that spayed dogs may be at higher risk for malignancies that include osteosarcoma (bone cancer), mast cell tumors and lymphoma, the results […]
Dog diabetes

Why dogs get diabetes

Q. My beloved Maltese developed diabetes at age 8. I now need to give her two daily injections of insulin. She was never overweight. What causes a healthy, normal-weight dog to develop diabetes? Carole Warner Sarasota, Florida Dear Ms. Warner, A. It’s true, as you intimate, that overweight dogs are more likely to develop diabetes […]
The official recommendations for how long a dog should fast before undergoing anesthesia may differ from what your veterinarian tells you. Listen to the doctor.

How Long a Dog Should Fast Before Anesthesia

For healthy adult dogs about to undergo an operation, the American Animal Hospital Association now recommends a 4- to 6-hour fast prior to anesthesia. The organization suggests even shorter pre-surgical fasts for dogs younger than 2 months of age and dogs with diabetes, who need to eat their food at specific times to pair with […]
Dogs with health problems Of plaque stains in teeth

Tongue and Gum Colors Provide Health Clues

Has your dog’s usual pink tongue color faded somewhat? Take her to the veterinarian. A tongue or gums that go from pink to paler pink could be a sign of anemia — a deficiency of red blood cells — and the cause has to be identified and treated. If her gums or tongue literally go […]
Dog Rabies

Rabies Risk an Increasing Concern

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced a ban on dogs entering the United States from 113 “high-risk rabies countries,” including the Dominican Republic, Brazil, India, the Philippines, and Morocco. Dog rabies has been eliminated from the United States since 2007, but the CDC points out that “the importation of even one […]
“I hope you made sure those pills you bought at a discount don’t contain any ingredients that are toxic to dogs.”

Where to Fill Your Dog’s Prescriptions

Your dog is prescribed the pain-relieving medicine gabapentin — a drug also commonly prescribed for people. Because it’s cheaper from a pharmacy for people than from the vet, you decide to have the prescription filled at your local drug store. Going to your regular pharmacy is also more convenient. It’s right inside the supermarket. The […]
Vet examining dog

Dear Doctor: The illness behind the anemia

Q. After some blood work, my dog was diagnosed with anemia. Now my vet wants to conduct a bunch of other tests. Can’t I just give him an iron supplement? Travis Zelenski Chicago, Illinois Dear Ms. Zelenski, A. Anemia simply means a low red blood cell count. There are many reasons the concentration of red […]