How Not to Diagnose a Food Allergy

Your dog’s skin often seems to irritate her — she either scratches or licks excessively. Or she somewhat frequently experiences digestive issues in the form of vomiting or diarrhea. Is it a food allergy? Probably not. Food allergies are quite uncommon in dogs. If she has any allergies at all, they’re more likely to allergens […]

Donate Your Dog to Science — From Home

The Dog Aging Project, a national research effort to learn how to foster healthy longevity in canines and, by extension, in people, is looking to expand its pack of participants across the country. To date, more than 30,000 people with dogs have volunteered for this $23-million-dollar project, financed by the National Institute on Aging. But […]

Short Takes: September 2022

Brush Your Short-Haired Dog, Too Even short-haired breeds like beagles and boxers require regular brushing, not just Afghans and collies. Why? Brushing doesn’t just make a dog look good. It distributes protective oils from a dog’s skin throughout her coat, removes dirt, helps keep her skin free of irritants, and, in general, helps the hair […]

What to Watch For After Your Dog’s Vaccinations

Tens of millions of pets are vaccinated without any problems every single year. You should never hesitate to have your dog receive the vaccinations recommended by your veterinarian. Inoculations prevent devastating infectious diseases and save dogs’ lives. But like people, many dogs experience mild side effects. In the vast majority of cases, they subside on […]

What’s a Veterinary Technician?

Imagine if someone who didn’t go to nursing school could pass her or himself off as a nurse, work in a hospital or doctor’s office, and not lose their job or even be penalized if they were found out? That’s exactly the situation in most of the country for impersonating a veterinary nurse, known professionally […]

Dogs Stressed by Veterinary Visits, Trazodone May Help

The stress some dogs experience at the veterinarian’s office has been cited as a reason that owners skip doctor’s visits for their pets. Even if you can get a fearful dog into the exam room, anxiety — sometimes expressed as aggression — can keep a vet from examining a dog as thoroughly as he should […]

How Does Your Veterinarian Touch Your Dog?

Marty Becker, DVM, founder of the Fear Free initiative to help veterinarians ensure that dogs and other pets feel safe and calm during veterinary visits, says that every time we hug a family member, whether two- or four-legged, the “feel good” hormone oxytocin is released in the body. It provides a sensation associated with calmness, […]

Treatment for Cherry Eye

My 5-year-old shnauzer-shih tzu mix, Reggie, has been diagnosed by our vet with cherry eye. Since it comes and goes, the doctor doesn’t want to do surgery. She said the condition doesn’t interfere with his vision or hurt him, so all we do is put plain eye drops in his eye. But do you have […]

Norway Bans the Breeding of Two Popular Dog Breeds, Citing Severe Health Problems

Norway has banned the breeding of English bulldogs and cavalier King Charles spaniels, both among the most popular dog breeds. The ban came in response to a lawsuit brought by an animal rights group called the Norwegian Society for the Protection of Animals. The group argues that breeding those dogs violates the country’s Animal Protection […]

New Chemotherapy Drug for Common Cancer Can Be Given at Home

Lymphoma is one of the most common cancers to befall dogs, accounting for somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of all canine cancers in...

Short Takes April 2022

Exploring a Less Invasive Treatment for Bone Cancer n The standard treatment for the most common type of bone cancer to befall dogs — osteosarcoma — is to amputate the limb that contains the diseased bone. The vast majority of dogs undergoing amputation adjust extremely well to life on three legs. The downside is that […]

How to Handle an Injured Dog: Gingerly

Pain can make people act unpredictably, and dogs are no different in that regard. That’s why the American Veterinary Medical Association offers the following advice for dealing with an injured pet. Take it to heart. Keep in mind that even the most gentle pet could lash out by biting or scratching if injured. Don’t assume […]