The Calories in Bully Sticks

It has been almost a decade since Tufts veterinary nutritionist Lisa Freeman, DVM, tallied the responses of more than 750 people who responded to...

The Dog Food Aromas Our Pets Love

Most people don’t have to worry that their dog won’t eat the food put in front of them. But there are some finicky canine...

The Right (and Wrong) Treats for Training

When training either a puppy or adult dog, you’re going to need lots of food treats to keep your pet focused on getting it...
Devoted woman kneeling and feeding hungry pet dog

Dog Nutrition Slipping

More people are feeding their pets homemade diets today than a decade ago even though homemade meal plans for dogs are often rife with...

What to Do If You Think Dog Food Made Your Pet Sick

Every so often, there is a media report about a pet food recall that occurs in the wake of animals becoming sick. The news...

When Two (or More) Pets Need Different Diets to Stay Healthy

You’ve had both of your dogs for more than 5 years, and now one of them has been diagnosed with a disease that requires...

Why Some Dogs Take Their Food Far From Their Bowl to Eat

Of dogs’ habits that leave owners shaking their heads, one of the ones near the top of the list is carrying their food from...

Is She Truly Hungry, Or Just Bored?

The American Animal Hospital Association has a chart listing things that get in the way of your pets weight control. The number one item: begging. Owner guilt is up there, too.

Why Its Important to Switch to a New Food Gradually

Your dog has to go on a weight management diet, or a prescribed diet to cut down on the risk for kidney stones, or a special diet for heart or kidney disease. You might think that because so many dogs will scarf up any food in sight, all you have to do is stop feeding the food he has been eating and start feeding the new one. That does work in some cases, but much of the time, a more gradual transition is necessary to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of gastrointestinal upset - gurgling, excess gas, diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation. How gradual?

Even With a Measuring Cup, Food Portions Are Way Off

How do you measure your dogs food portions? With the bowl you happen to put her food in? With your hands? Simply by eyeballing it as you pour the kibble out of the bag? If you use any of these unreliable methods, youre not alone. More than one out of five people participating in a study about the best way to measure dog food reported using one of these three approaches.

Should You Avoid Buying Dog Food That Contains Corn?

There is no shortage of warnings on the Internet that corn is bad for your dogs health.

Treats for the Dog with Kidney Disease

Its very possible that a renal (kidney) diet is in your dogs future. Kidney disease is one of the most common illnesses of aging canines, with more than one in 10 pets developing it at some point, usually when theyre older.