When the Dog is Afraid to 
Be Groomed

Mike O’Hallaron of Frontenac, Missouri, is distraught. “We have a 7-year-old goldendoodle named Princess who has always been petrified of getting bathed,” he writes. “We arranged for a mobile rig to come to the house, and she froze and refused to go in. When she knows she is going to the local groomer, she starts whimpering and shaking. I don’t know if she is afraid of water, or if the cleaning tools bother her ears. Any advice you give would be greatly appreciated.”

Why Won’t He Just Come When I Tell Him To?

For just about everything you teach your dog to do, you’re supposed to praise him after he gets it right. With “Come,” it’s important...

Why Dogs Sniff Our Groins — and How to Stop It

One reason dogs sniff our groins is that the area is right in front of them at nose level. They don’t have to jump or crouch. And a dog learns as much about us by sniffing the concentration of chemicals in our “sensitive” area as we do about a dog by looking at and listening to him. He can even pick up information about our emotional state.

Why Has the Dog Started Pulling Garbage from the Trash Can?

Seemingly out of nowhere, your dog starts going into the trash can and pulling everything out. What’s going on?

One of the Most Important Words to Teach Your Dog: Wait!

One way to get your dog to wait is to cue him to “Sit,” which is the very first word many dogs are taught. But what if you want him to wait and he’s not right next to you? What if he has run ahead on a trail to catch up with a skunk or a coyote? Or what if he has ended up across a busy road from you and you don’t want him to attempt to cross back over by himself? Or there’s too much traffic whizzing by for him to even hear you? In such cases, “Sit” probably won’t work because he associates it with being right next to you and getting a treat, or at least a nice stroke on the muzzle for complying.

Therapy Dogs in Funeral Homes

While some people may consider a funeral service or a viewing to be an inappropriate venue for a dog, more and more funeral homes have a therapy dog on the “staff.” And more people saying a final good-bye to loved ones are opting to have the therapy dog present for the occasion. The presence of a calm, reassuring dog may be particularly helpful for a young child who does not have the words to express his feelings. Dogs do not need words. They can respond to sadness and provide comfort without a conversation.

When Your Male Dog Urinates Like a Girl

You know how it works. Male dogs lift a leg to urinate; females squat. But sometimes a male dog squats to void urine as...

What’s In a Name? (A Lot, Actually)

Duchess, Lassie, Champ, and Spot are out. Lucy, Maggie, Max, and Charlie are in. Why the shift in the names we give our dogs?...

Authoritative Versus Authoritarian

Many of us have high expectations of our dogs, but how we respond to them when they follow through successfully makes all the difference...

Now Coming to Your Home: An Indoor Obstacle Course For Your Dog

The temperature outside has plummeted, and neither you nor your dog feels like being outside for very long. Or the temperature outside has skyrocketed,...

Are You Fluent in the Language 
of Canine Stress?

Sure, you know that if your dog tucks her tail between her legs, she’s feeling terribly afraid, or at least extremely uncomfortable. It’s a...

Taking it in the knee

Q: My dog pokes her nose into my knee when we’re out walking and I stop to talk with someone, or when she decides...