Why Fright Night is a Fraught Holiday at our House

Halloween produces a lot of anxiety and subsequent uncooperative behavior for Franklin and Rosie, with one or both of them usually threatened with being sent to bed without treats. First there were those years when John was younger and he worked to dress them in costumes. Okay, maybe that wasnt a great idea. And admittedly, a cape was not Franklins best look. But he showed how he felt by running around the house with…

A Fence That May Fail

For years I felt terrible that Franklins actions caused the death of another dog. Down the hill from the cemetery where I used to let Franklin run around freely was the backyard of a family whose dog often hung out there. Ollie, a Tibetan terrier, was the most delightful dog youd ever want to meet. Playful and game, he …

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For Those Slippery Floors, Non-Slip Socks

We have often said that some dog owners need to put aesthetics aside and lay runners across their slippery hardwood or tile floors because their pets are either afraid of them or truly cannot navigate them. Puppies in particular may fear slippery-looking floors. They may be like an ice skating rink for someone who has never had skating lessons and strike terror in some pets, who refuse to go out into the middle of the ice.

6 Must-Haves for Your New Puppy, 6 Must-Not Haves

The new young dog is coming home, and just like a new baby needs a crib, a receiving blanket, diapers, and so on, a new puppy needs for you to have things on hand, too. Heres what they are.

Hair Shampoo or Hype Shampoo?

The Scalp Relief formulas work in four ways to significantly improve the condition of the scalp and hair, from root to tip. Doctor-developed, clinically tested and consumer tested, both treatment formulas use a proprietary…Herbal Blend plus healthful vitamins and botanicals to effectively address skin irritation, naturally. So went a press release we received for a so-called natural shampoo & conditioner meant to treat skin irritations in dogs. The shampoo costs $11.75 for an 8-ounce container, as does the conditioner, for a total of $23.50. Are they worth it?

Dogs Need to Be Brushed For Their Health, Not Just Their Looks

Its not just to keep your home free of tumbleweed. Without regular brushing, tangles and mats of hair will form. That not only can be uncomfortable for your dog but can also make it easier for skin infections to take hold. And once they do, they can prove difficult to treat without shaving the affected area, requiring time and money for visits to the vet to chart progress. Hair thats well taken care of, on the other hand, provides a good barrier against harmful bacteria and other pathogens.

Seeing Double?

No, this dog doesnt have two noses. The nostrils on some dog breeds are separated by a band of skin and fur that divide the nose in half from its center all the way to the upper lip.

Caring for the Hairless Dog

Hairless dogs have been enjoying a resurgence in popularity, says Tufts veterinary dermatologist Lluis Ferrer, DVM, PhD, DECVD, because a lot of people are concerned about allergies to dogs and hair shedding. They are also beautiful. We especially see quite a number of Chinese crested dogs, although the two other hairless breeds - the Mexican and Peruvian hairless, are popular, too.

Baby, Its Cold Outside!

Dogs, just like people, can become uncomfortably cold in the dead of winter. Sometimes you can tell - they shiver just like we do, an action used to generate heat. Or they whine or appear anxious and perhaps look for a warm place to burrow. But sometimes there are no outward signs. A lot of dogs are stoic. With that in mind:


Okay, I admit it. Franklin has been banished from the dog-friendly park closest to my house. Or, to put it more accurately, I promised the animal control offer I wouldnt take him there off leash anymore. One too many people tired of his yelling at them when he smelled treats in their pockets. One too many people lost patience with him jumping all over their cars as they crawled to a halt. And quite frankly, one too many dog owners - me - never cottoned to writing checks to fellow park goers to have Franklins nail scratches buffed out of their vehicles. (The big, goofy - all right, obnoxious - idiot is yelling out the window downstairs as I type this, no doubt from the couch where he stands sentry. Some interloper is probably passing the house with another dog.)