Carsick cockapoos

[From Tufts November 2011 Issue]

I have two cockapoos who will be 2 years old in December. Ever since we got them, they have suffered from carsickness. It takes only about five minutes of riding before one of them vomits. We want to drive to Florida in November but dont want them sick all the way down. Is there anything that can stop this?
Linda Becknell
Richmond, Ill.

Bike Riding Safety for dogs

[From Tufts December 2011 Issue]

I would like to give my dog more exercise by bike riding with her. She is about 20 pounds and can outrun me (who cant?). Any advice? I dont want to get hurt or hurt her.
Mark Benjamin
Elkins Park, Pa.

Taking your dog on a bike ride can be a great way to give her some quick exercise. However, the practice can be dangerous for both dog and owner, and its definitely not for every dog. Here are some pointers:

Let sleeping dogs lie next to you?

[From Tufts May 2011 Issue]

An article in a scientific journal published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made headlines nationwide when it warned that people can - and often do - get too close to their dogs. Bruno B. Chomel of UC Davis and Ben Sun of the California Department of Public Health, writing in Emerging Infectious Diseases, said that about 50 percent of owners in the U.S. allow their dogs to sleep on their beds, but doing so puts them at risk for health problems.

10 easy steps to successful vet visits

[From Tufts July 2011 Issue]

Whether you're taking your dog to the veterinarian for a routine checkup or treatment of a chronic health problem, you want to get the most from the appointment. Follow these 10 simple steps and you're on your way to a successful visit:

Summer brings outdoor fun – and risks


[From Tufts July 2011 Issue]

Warm weather encourages owners and dogs to spend more time outside. While summer offers outdoor fun, it's easy to overlook dangers that could harm your dog, says Scott Shaw, DVM, a specialist in emergency and critical care at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

Fireworks top the list for risky business. "Dogs shouldn't be around fireworks at all," Dr. Shaw says. "They can chase thrown fireworks and get burned or injured." Some fireworks contain toxic substances that can poison dogs if chewed or swallowed. The explosions also can scare them. "The same dogs that are afraid of thunder will freak out on the 4th of July," he says.

Itching and biting cause ‘pure misery’

[From Tufts November 2011 Issue]

My 4-year-old Lab-golden mix, Sam, has suffered since puppyhood with severe itching. He would lie around whining and crying all the time while scratching and biting himself. He was living in pure misery. My vets first attempt at help was Benadryl. When this did no good at all, we went to prednisone, still no help.

Does a warm, dry nose indicate illness?

[From Tufts December 2011 Issue]

Folk wisdom has long held that a warm, dry nose means a dog is sick. Veterinarians frequently hear the comment from owners, says Michael Stone, DVM, a specialist in small animal medicine at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, but the truth is that its a fallacy in most cases.

Dear Doctor – Your dog’s pals are telling you to get your pet to...

Q I've noticed that dogs with whom my dog has always been friends have taken to sniffing his private parts over the last few...

Cool, Cooler, Coolest

As the dog days approach, you already know that if your pet hangs out in the yard a lot, its important to make sure he has a shaded spot and a bowl frequently replenished with cool, fresh water to encourage hydration. You know, too, that pavement can get awfully hot during the summer months. If its hot enough to fry an egg, just think what it can do to your pals bare paws. Thats why,…

Changing It Up – Walking Your Dog in Different Places

To begin with, getting your dog outside to relieve herself twice a day is not enough. Taking your pet out of the house is not just for the purpose of elimination but also to stimulate her, to interact with her, and to help her expend some of her considerable canine energy.

Ticks lie in wait in vegetation for dogs to brush by

Warm weather is prime season for ticks. The parasites can transmit infectious disease, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, or even paralysis, because of a toxin in their salvia.

We asked Michael Stone, DVM, board-certified in small animal medicine at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, how owners can protect their dogs from ticks. His response:

Unfortunately, tick control is more difficult than flea control. Even with the use of anti-tick products, youll still find an occasional tick on your dogs coat. Adult ticks most commonly migrate to the ears, around the neck and between the toes.

You see a dog left in car on a hot day

[From Tufts August 2010 Issue] Its a hot summer day, and you return to your car after shopping at the mall. As you look for your keys, you glance at the car next to you and see a dog inside, panting, obviously in distress. What should you do? First and foremost, a concerned citizen should try to find the owner of the vehicle, says animal law attorney Jonathan Rankin, a graduate of Tufts Universitys Master of Science…