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  • Snack Bag Suffocation: It’s a Thing
  • Short Takes
  • Should Your Dog Be Screened for Cancer Younger?
  • What You Need to Know Before Your Dog Undergoes Anesthesia
  • Even When Nothing Seems Wrong, Your Dog’s Eyes Need Checking
  • A Proper Diet For Your Dog Contains Less Meat Than You May Think
  • When Choosing Health Insurance For Your Dog, Consider Dental Care
  • Dear Doctor

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  • Making It Illegal for Your Dog to Stick His Head Out the Car Window
  • Short Takes
  • But What’s With Their Tails?
  • Are Black Dogs Less Likely to Be Adopted?
  • Labrador Retrievers Ousted From Number 1 Spot as Most Popular Breed
  • Recognizing “Swimmer’s Ear” and Other Dog-Eared Problems
  • When Your Rescue Dog Turns Aggressive On You
  • If Your Dog Won’t Take the Medicine, Can It Be Compounded?
  • Dear Doctor

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  • Don't Get Stuck in a Dog-Walking Rut
  • Short Takes
  • Dog Language 101
  • New Standards Announced for Human Grade Dog Food
  • How Your Dog Saves You Money
  • When the Dog is Afraid to Be Groomed
  • When a Dog Dies Suddenly for an Unknown Reason, Should You Request a Necropsy?
  • Dear Doctor

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  • Life-Threatening Hazard for Dogs Who Enjoy Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers
  • Short Takes: In It For the Long Game; The Impact of Stress on Working Dogs; Unsafe Chewing.
  • On Whether Dogs Get Psoriasis
  • Using 3D Modeling to Heal Dogs
  • Did You Wash Your Hands?
  • When the Veterinary Oncologist Gets Cancer
  • Why Won’t He Just Come When I Tell Him To?

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  • Shared Decision Making
  • Save Money on “New” Toys.
  • Why Has the Dog Started Pulling Garbage from the Trash Can?
  • Potential Changes on Dog Food Labels Should Make Them Easier to Interpret
  • What’s Dental About Dental Chews?
  • One of the Most Important Words to Teach Your Dog: Wait!
  • Therapy Dogs in Funeral Homes

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  • When Your Male Dog Urinates Like a Girl
  • What’s In a Name? (A Lot, Actually)
  • Dog-Related Falls Not Just About Accidents While Walking Pets on Leashes
  • Now Coming to Your Home: An Indoor Obstacle Course For Your Dog
  • New Drug to Treat Pancreatitis
  • Are You Fluent in the Language of Canine Stress?
  • Should You Be Choosing Preservative-Free Dog Food? 
  • Dear Doctor

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  • A Non-Core Vaccine That May Be Critical For Your Dog
  • Research Suggests Once-a-Day Feeding Is Better For Dogs
  • Left-Sided Versus Right-Sided Congestive Heart Failure In Your Dog
  • Your Dog Can Die From Licking Your Topical Medicine
  • Little Touches That Make a Big Difference
  • Stress Appears to Cause Premature Graying in Dogs, Too
  • Dear Doctor: Dog-Nip?

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  • Dogs Who Don’t Exercise Regularly Appear At Much Greater Risk for Dementia
  • The American Kennel Club Recognizes Its 200th Breed;
  • The Queen Knew Dogs’ Power to Calm;
  • You Can’t Catch a Stray—You Can Coax It.
  • Why Is There Ash In My Dog’s Diet?
  • How Old Is Too Old To Adopt a Dog?
  • Same Rules Apply to Dogs for Taking Their Blood Pressure
  • Cat Breeds for Dog Lovers
  • Home for the Dog-Friendly Holidays

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  • This One's a Tearjerker
  • Short Takes
  • Antibiotics Losing Their Effectiveness in Dogs, Too
  • New guidelines in place to help preserve antibiotic potency.
  • He’s Not Being Lazy. He’s Getting Older.
  • If your dog is becoming less cooperative, it may be about aging rather than stubbornness.
  • More Calories For Fido With Winter Coming On?
  • Do Dogs Recognize Themselves in the Mirror?
  • The One Risk Factor for Canine Compulsive Behavior You Can Do Something About
  • Dear DoctorBraces for Fido; If the tail must go.

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  • Short Takes: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass; Dogs Have Night Blindness; There Seems To Be a Cure; Cannabis Poisoning on the Increase in Dogs.
  • What looks Amusing May Be a Sign of ill Health
  • When Your Dog Becomes an Overzealous Nanny
  • Giving Your Dog Time to Sniff on Walks Will Literally Soothe His Heart
  • How Not to Diagnose a Food Allergy
  • Put Away Your Toys
  • Dear Doctor

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  • When Choosing Dog Food, Don’t Fall Prey to Premiumization
  • Brush Your Short-Haired Dog, Too; To Prevent Dog Bites, Don’t Rush Socialization; Is 
  • Dog’s Arthritis Making Her Feel Depressed?
  • You May Be Using Aversive Training Techniques Without Knowing It
  • Little Dogs, Big Health Concerns
  • Donate Your Dog to Science — From Home
  • If You Die Before Your Dog
  • Funny, You Don’t Act Like a Golden Retriever

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  • What Your Dog Feels When You Pet Another Dog
  • National Spoil Your Dog Day Coming Up
  • What to Watch For After Your Dog’s Vaccinations
  • What’s a Veterinary Technician?
  • For Dogs Stressed by Veterinary Visits, Trazodone May Help