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  • Is It the Vet’s Fault or Yours?
  • Short Takes
  • Fixing a Dog’s Injured Rotator Cuff
  • The Safest Way to Break Up a Dog Fight Involves Resisting Your Instincts
  • A Surefire Way to Ratchet Down Your Dog’s Pain
  • Dental Sealants to Help Your Dog Avoid Gum Disease?
  • Dear Doctor:  Neighbor threatens to shoot aggressive dog

Download The Full February 2024 Issue PDF

  • Your Dog’s Fur May Not Protect Him While He Waits in a Cold Car
  • Short Takes
  • The Meaning of “Veterinarian Recommended” on Dog Food
  • Integrative Geriatrics for Your Senior Dog?
  • Don’t Let Your Dog’s Light-Up Collar Flash On and Off
  • What’s On Your Dog’s Favorite Playlist?
  • Does Your Dog Suffer from Motion Sickness in the Car, or is it Anxiety?
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full January 2024 Issue PDF

  • When a Play Bow Is Not a Play Bow
  • Short Takes
  • Dog Dates: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly?
  • New Thinking on the Right Way to Help a Dog with Conflict Aggression
  • Warnings About Corn in Dog Food Unfounded
  • Adjusting the Dog to the Toothbrush
  • Why Won’t My Dog Settle Down at Night?
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full December 2023 Issue PDF

  • New to the “Top 10 Toxins” List for Dogs: Recreational Drugs
  • Short Takes
  • Canine Vaccine Hesitancy Can Put Your Dog — and You — at Serious Risk
  • Veterinary Chiropractic Goes Mainstream
  • How Well Can You Read Your Dog?
  • Listen Up! You Can Make Your Deaf Dog a Lot Safer — and Happier!
  • How to Give the Vet a Proper Diet History
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full November 2023 Issue PDF

  • Is It Okay to Give Your Dog Aspirin for Pain?
  • Short Takes
  • The Right Amount of Exercise Depends on Your Dog’s Age
  • Anxious, Fearful, or Confident?
  • Why Is Your Dog Coughing?
  • Truly Hungry, Or Just Bored?
  • When You’re Afraid of Needles But Your Dog Requires Daily Injections
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full October 2023 Issue PDF

  • Some Dogs Are Fools for Pools!
  • Short Takes
  • When Your Dog Says “No Canoodling!” with Your Human Partner
  • Does Your Dog Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
  • Teaching Your Dog That When He Needs to Go Out, the Bell Tolls For You
  • Your Role in Reporting Your Dog’s Bad Reaction to a Product
  • Some Dog Breeds Appear More Sensitive to Pain Than Others
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full September 2023 Issue PDF

  • The Biggest Predictor of Canine Health
  • Short Takes
  • Summer’s Over, But Heartworm Season Is Forever
  • The Benefits of Online Training
  • It’s Okay to Comfort Your Dog
  • Protect the Mail Carrier!
  • The One Word Your Dog Will Never Understand
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full August 2023 Issue PDF

  • Defibrillators Also Work on Dogs Experiencing Cardiac Arrest
  • Short Takes
  • Dog Food Claims That Could Lead You to Choose the Wrong Diet for Your Pet
  • 14 Ways to Love a Rescue Dog
  • The Only Time to Lock a Crate
  • Dog Bite Prevention
  • Viagra May Benefit Certain Dogs, But Not For the Reason You Think
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full July 2023 Issue PDF

  • Snack Bag Suffocation: It’s a Thing
  • Short Takes
  • Should Your Dog Be Screened for Cancer Younger?
  • What You Need to Know Before Your Dog Undergoes Anesthesia
  • Even When Nothing Seems Wrong, Your Dog’s Eyes Need Checking
  • A Proper Diet For Your Dog Contains Less Meat Than You May Think
  • When Choosing Health Insurance For Your Dog, Consider Dental Care
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full June 2023 Issue PDF

  • Making It Illegal for Your Dog to Stick His Head Out the Car Window
  • Short Takes
  • But What’s With Their Tails?
  • Are Black Dogs Less Likely to Be Adopted?
  • Labrador Retrievers Ousted From Number 1 Spot as Most Popular Breed
  • Recognizing “Swimmer’s Ear” and Other Dog-Eared Problems
  • When Your Rescue Dog Turns Aggressive On You
  • If Your Dog Won’t Take the Medicine, Can It Be Compounded?
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full May 2023 Issue PDF

  • Don't Get Stuck in a Dog-Walking Rut
  • Short Takes
  • Dog Language 101
  • New Standards Announced for Human Grade Dog Food
  • How Your Dog Saves You Money
  • When the Dog is Afraid to Be Groomed
  • When a Dog Dies Suddenly for an Unknown Reason, Should You Request a Necropsy?
  • Dear Doctor

Download The Full April 2023 Issue PDF

  • Life-Threatening Hazard for Dogs Who Enjoy Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers
  • Short Takes: In It For the Long Game; The Impact of Stress on Working Dogs; Unsafe Chewing.
  • On Whether Dogs Get Psoriasis
  • Using 3D Modeling to Heal Dogs
  • Did You Wash Your Hands?
  • When the Veterinary Oncologist Gets Cancer
  • Why Won’t He Just Come When I Tell Him To?