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  • How to Improve Your Picky Eater’s Diet
  • My Male Dog Humps Other Male Dogs. What Is That About?
  • Does a Dog in the Bed Enhance or Diminish Sleep Quality?
  • Rx For Pain Reduction in Hospital Emergency Rooms: Dogs
  • Poolside Safety Precautions

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  • Protecting Your Dog from an All-Too-Common Ligament Tear
  • When Your Dog Can’t Stop Licking His Legs
  • It’s a Stinky Job, But…
  • Keep Your Medicine Out of Your Dog’s Reach
  • How Does Your Veterinarian Touch Your Dog?
  • Treatment for cherry eye

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  • Rx for Disaster: A Small Dog in the Backyard — Without You There to Protect Him
  • Should You Teach Your Dog to “Go Potty” on Cue?
  • Norway Bans the Breeding of Two Popular Dog Breeds, Citing Severe Health Problems 
  • Don’t Pet the Service Dog
  • New Chemotherapy Drug for Common Cancer Can Be Given at Home
  • The Clinical Exam You Can Administer Yourself