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Short Takes November 2022

Bladder Cancer: Much More Serious In Dogs n Any type of malignant tumor is serious, of course, but the good news for people is that if we develop bladder cancer, it’s generally a low-grade, superficial tumor that does not spread beyond the bladder. That’s not the case for dogs. They most often develop higher-grade bladder […]

Short Takes: October 2022

Why Dogs Eat Grass n Some people say their dog eats grass to help himself throw up when he has stomach upset. Others say their pet simply enjoys the activity. Who’s right? Both. Some dogs do seem to eat grass with a passion from time to time, followed by vomiting and then appearing perfectly relaxed. […]

Short Takes: August 2022

Canine Itching Remedy In 
Your Own Medicine Chest Just like us, sometimes dogs get a nasty itch that keeps them scratching. A short-term treatment can be Benadryl (diphenhydramine), which you may have on hand for when you yourself feel itchy. But proper dosing is critical. The wrong amount can cause everything in a dog from […]

Rawhide Not Like Chewing Gum In Terms of Calories

Because your dog takes time chewing a piece of rawhide, you might assume it’s like chewing gum and doesn’t provide any (or many) calories, or that the dog burns them off while tugging away. Not so. A rawhide treat that’s roughly 2 inches by 6 inches and just an eighth of an inch thick will […]

May I Pet You?

While we accept that cats don’t want to be petted by everyone and have to be approached respectfully, it’s easy to forget that dogs don’t want attention from everyone, either — probably because they’re generally so people-oriented. But they, too, have their moods and preferences. After all, even if you’re friendly and outgoing, it doesn’t […]

Removing That Tick Completely

Tick season is 12 months long in most parts of the country, but the disease-carrying insects certainly do flourish in warmer weather. Even if you regularly administer tick medicine to your dog, you might see a tick on his body; the medicine won’t kill it immediately. Removing it can be a little tricky because ticks […]

Short Takes May 2022

They Really Are as Amazing as Lassie n Here’s the story in a nutshell: A man’s car flipped over in the Vermont snow this past winter after he hit a guardrail, and while he lay in the wreck unconscious, his dog crossed over the border into New Hampshire in the dark of night and caught […]

Short Takes April 2022

Exploring a Less Invasive Treatment for Bone Cancer n The standard treatment for the most common type of bone cancer to befall dogs — osteosarcoma — is to amputate the limb that contains the diseased bone. The vast majority of dogs undergoing amputation adjust extremely well to life on three legs. The downside is that […]

Short Takes: March 2022

For Those with Dogs Who Cower Many dogs handle their fear with aggression. But others cower. They hide, pull away while on leash, and sometimes just quake in place with their tail between their legs. The best strategy in such cases: focus less on the fear (don’t flood him with things that make him afraid) […]
Yes, but can a dog who is always carried like this learn to socialize?

Little Yappy Dogs

Imagine if short, slight people were laughed at and called “cute” every time they acted aggressively, or even rudely? Or if they were coddled...

Dear Doctor: Overactive anal glands

Q. My dog seems to have very active anal glands. She will release them whenever we are in the car and lots of times...
Oodles of poodle genes.

Labradoodle More “Oodle” than “Lab”

Unlike the goldendoodle, which is only four or five generations out from either a straight poodle or a straight golden retriever, Labradoodles (officially called...