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Short Takes July 2023

Veterinarians Can Now Become Board-Certified in Shelter Medicine

Snack Bag Suffocation: It’s a Thing

Videos of dogs with bags around their heads are popular on social media — a shame because a dog with his head stuck in a bag is scared. Worse, he’s in grave danger. A pet can suffocate in less than 5 minutes when his head becomes lodged in a bag. Figures for how often that happens are lacking, but the Food and Drug Administration says that “although this may seem like an odd scenario, it plays out more commonly than you realize.”

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  • Snack Bag Suffocation: It’s a Thing
  • Short Takes
  • Should Your Dog Be Screened for Cancer Younger?
  • What You Need to Know Before Your Dog Undergoes Anesthesia
  • Even When Nothing Seems Wrong, Your Dog’s Eyes Need Checking
  • A Proper Diet For Your Dog Contains Less Meat Than You May Think
  • When Choosing Health Insurance For Your Dog, Consider Dental Care
  • Dear Doctor

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  • Making It Illegal for Your Dog to Stick His Head Out the Car Window
  • Short Takes
  • But What’s With Their Tails?
  • Are Black Dogs Less Likely to Be Adopted?
  • Labrador Retrievers Ousted From Number 1 Spot as Most Popular Breed
  • Recognizing “Swimmer’s Ear” and Other Dog-Eared Problems
  • When Your Rescue Dog Turns Aggressive On You
  • If Your Dog Won’t Take the Medicine, Can It Be Compounded?
  • Dear Doctor

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  • Don't Get Stuck in a Dog-Walking Rut
  • Short Takes
  • Dog Language 101
  • New Standards Announced for Human Grade Dog Food
  • How Your Dog Saves You Money
  • When the Dog is Afraid to Be Groomed
  • When a Dog Dies Suddenly for an Unknown Reason, Should You Request a Necropsy?
  • Dear Doctor

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  • Life-Threatening Hazard for Dogs Who Enjoy Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers
  • Short Takes: In It For the Long Game; The Impact of Stress on Working Dogs; Unsafe Chewing.
  • On Whether Dogs Get Psoriasis
  • Using 3D Modeling to Heal Dogs
  • Did You Wash Your Hands?
  • When the Veterinary Oncologist Gets Cancer
  • Why Won’t He Just Come When I Tell Him To?

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  • Shared Decision Making
  • Save Money on “New” Toys.
  • Why Has the Dog Started Pulling Garbage from the Trash Can?
  • Potential Changes on Dog Food Labels Should Make Them Easier to Interpret
  • What’s Dental About Dental Chews?
  • One of the Most Important Words to Teach Your Dog: Wait!
  • Therapy Dogs in Funeral Homes

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  • When Your Male Dog Urinates Like a Girl
  • What’s In a Name? (A Lot, Actually)
  • Dog-Related Falls Not Just About Accidents While Walking Pets on Leashes
  • Now Coming to Your Home: An Indoor Obstacle Course For Your Dog
  • New Drug to Treat Pancreatitis
  • Are You Fluent in the Language of Canine Stress?
  • Should You Be Choosing Preservative-Free Dog Food? 
  • Dear Doctor

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  • A Non-Core Vaccine That May Be Critical For Your Dog
  • Research Suggests Once-a-Day Feeding Is Better For Dogs
  • Left-Sided Versus Right-Sided Congestive Heart Failure In Your Dog
  • Your Dog Can Die From Licking Your Topical Medicine
  • Little Touches That Make a Big Difference
  • Stress Appears to Cause Premature Graying in Dogs, Too
  • Dear Doctor: Dog-Nip?

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  • Dogs Who Don’t Exercise Regularly Appear At Much Greater Risk for Dementia
  • The American Kennel Club Recognizes Its 200th Breed;
  • The Queen Knew Dogs’ Power to Calm;
  • You Can’t Catch a Stray—You Can Coax It.
  • Why Is There Ash In My Dog’s Diet?
  • How Old Is Too Old To Adopt a Dog?
  • Same Rules Apply to Dogs for Taking Their Blood Pressure
  • Cat Breeds for Dog Lovers
  • Home for the Dog-Friendly Holidays

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  • This One's a Tearjerker
  • Short Takes
  • Antibiotics Losing Their Effectiveness in Dogs, Too
  • New guidelines in place to help preserve antibiotic potency.
  • He’s Not Being Lazy. He’s Getting Older.
  • If your dog is becoming less cooperative, it may be about aging rather than stubbornness.
  • More Calories For Fido With Winter Coming On?
  • Do Dogs Recognize Themselves in the Mirror?
  • The One Risk Factor for Canine Compulsive Behavior You Can Do Something About
  • Dear DoctorBraces for Fido; If the tail must go.

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  • Short Takes: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass; Dogs Have Night Blindness; There Seems To Be a Cure; Cannabis Poisoning on the Increase in Dogs.
  • What looks Amusing May Be a Sign of ill Health
  • When Your Dog Becomes an Overzealous Nanny
  • Giving Your Dog Time to Sniff on Walks Will Literally Soothe His Heart
  • How Not to Diagnose a Food Allergy
  • Put Away Your Toys
  • Dear Doctor