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When a Breed Is Not a Breed

You like the generally friendly and easygoing temperament of a golden retriever but prefer the look of a curly-haired pet like a poodle, especially...

Can Dogs Help Prevent Schizophrenia?

Having a dog as a child might reduce the risk for schizophrenia in adulthood by as much as 24 percent, but not for the...
Dog alone with plastic Easter grass.

A Dog’s Top 4 Easter Hazards

The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center says four things top the list of Easter dangers for dogs and should be kept out of their...

‘Trying on’ Parenting With a Dog

You need watch only two or three episodes of House Hunters on HGTV to figure out that a lot of young couples preview what...
Fatty tumor in dogs

More and more fatty tumors

Q. My dog is only 5 years old but has already been getting fatty tumors for a couple of years. The vet says they’re...
Dogs like to dance

Dog likes to dance

Q. In your article about dogs and music in the March 2020 issue, you said that while our pets seem to prefer certain musical...
Tufts veterinary oncologist Cheryl London,

Better Canine Cancer Treatments on the Horizon

It used to be a breast cancer patient was a breast cancer patient,” says Tufts veterinary oncology researcher Cheryl London, DVM, PhD. “But now...

How to Use Music to Keep Your Dog Calm

Research suggests that if dogs could put together their own playlists, Metallica and Black Sabbath would be out - they dont like heavy metal. Beethoven and Vivaldi would be in, along with perhaps a little Bob Marley and Sting. They appear to chill with classical music and, one study suggests, reggae and soft rock.

Can Dogs Get PTSD?

Warriors with nightmares and other symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) were described as far back as the Bronze Age in Assyrian literature. Fast forward 3,600 years to 2009, when researchers found that some military working dogs were unable to go back to their jobs as bomb sniffers following exposure to combat in Afghanistan. The researchers, a combination of PTSD experts in human psychiatry and psychology along with veterinary behaviorists, came up with a strict set of criteria for canine PTSD in those military dogs. They included escape or avoidance of work-related environments; changes in rapport with their handlers; and interference with critical tasks, including controlled aggression.

Is She Truly Hungry, Or Just Bored?

The American Animal Hospital Association has a chart listing things that get in the way of your pets weight control. The number one item: begging. Owner guilt is up there, too.

Theres More to Volunteering at a Shelter Than Petting Dogs

Most shelters are happy to have volunteers come and give resident dogs attention by playing with them and grooming them. Dogs warehoused in shelters need extra attention and socializing so that they will look good to potential adopters and also will adapt better to life with people once they make it to a loving home. But theres more to helping shelter dogs than interacting with them directly, and you may have just the talent required. Consider asking a local shelter if it needs help in any of these areas.