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How Old Is Too Old To Adopt a Dog?

Our recent article stating that it’s okay for a senior citizen to adopt a dog particularly resonated with Sue and David Barnard of western Massachusetts. “In 2014,” Mrs. Barnard wrote, “my husband and I filled out several adoption forms at area shelters. These applications asked for our ages. At the time, Dave was 88, and […]

Cat Breeds for Dog Lovers

The worst has happened. You have fallen in love with a cat person. And although your partner loves your dog, this mate with whom you now share a home has been angling for a feline pet. Or maybe your young child has reached an age at which she is making known her wish for a […]

The American Kennel Club Recognizes 
Its 200th Breed

It looks like a bloodhound mix, but it’s a Bracco Italiano, the latest breed to be recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Like the pointer, one of the first breeds to be recognized by the AKC back in the late 1800s, the well-muscled Bracco likes to hunt. This is not a dog whose favorite […]

Home for the Dog-Friendly Holidays

Dogs like things predictable, and the holidays are anything but. The schedule a dog depends on gets changed around, people he hasn’t seen for a while come by and “set off” the doorbell, and the Amazon delivery guy keeps returning even though he yells at him to stay away. The joy of the season doesn’t […]

Taking it in the knee

Q: My dog pokes her nose into my knee when we’re out walking and I stop to talk with someone, or when she decides I’m not moving along fast enough. How can I get her to stop? Harry Tannenbaum Jersey City, New Jersey Dear Mr. Tannenbaum, A: Don’t respond to her cue. She’s trying to […]

He won’t “go” while on the leash

Q: We have a couple of parks near our house where dogs are allowed to romp off-leash, and it is in those parks that my dog does his pooping. But there are days I don’t have time to drive over to a park and take Hector for walks around the neighborhood instead. The problem is […]

The Queen Knew Dogs’ Power to Calm

David Nott is a Welsh surgeon who has worked on the front lines in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones. When he had the opportunity to have lunch with Queen Elizabeth II one day and she politely asked him about his travels, he started having a panic attack. His bottom lip quivered as […]

Same Rules Apply to Dogs for Taking Their Blood Pressure

People are not supposed to have their blood pressure taken at the doctor’s office until they have sat quietly for at least 5 minutes after coming in. Commotion from getting out of the car and any potential anxiety associated with checking in can skew results. It’s the same for dogs. The best way for the […]

Why Is There Ash In My Dog’s Diet?

Sometimes in the “Guaranteed Analysis” box on a dog food label, you’ll see ash as an ingredient. What’s going on? Are burnt embers some kind of filler that dog food manufacturers can get away with when formulating canine diets? No. Ash in pet food is simply a measure of the diet’s minerals: calcium, iron, copper, […]

This One’s a Tearjerker

You know how we don’t only cry when we’re sad but also when we’re relieved, as a kind of catharsis when the sadness has ended? It appears that dogs form tears when they are relieved, too — specifically, when they are reunited with us after many hours of separation. In an experiment by Japanese researchers […]

Short Takes November 2022

Bladder Cancer: Much More Serious In Dogs n Any type of malignant tumor is serious, of course, but the good news for people is that if we develop bladder cancer, it’s generally a low-grade, superficial tumor that does not spread beyond the bladder. That’s not the case for dogs. They most often develop higher-grade bladder […]

Antibiotics Losing Their Effectiveness in Dogs, Too

You’ve probably heard of antibiotic resistance — the ability of bacteria that are causing an infection to resist the workings of the antibiotics prescribed to kill them. That means the antibiotics have a reduced chance of curing an illness brought on by the growth of harmful bacteria, whether it’s a respiratory infection that is causing […]