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What’s Your Plan for Your Dog in 
a Weather-Related Emergency?

Almost one in four Americans have now had to evacuate their home due to a disaster or other emergency, according to data just released by the ASPCA. Almost half of those people left at least one pet at home. Forty percent were gone for at least four days, with almost 10 percent gone for at […]
Kim Charlson and her guide dog, Idabelle.

Dear Doctor: How guide dogs do their work

Q.  You said in a recent issue that guide dogs help blind people by remembering that a green light means go and a red light means red, but I thought dogs didn’t see green and red all that well and were better able to distinguish blues and yellows. Wouldn’t that make their ability to help […]
Is it bloat? Food poisoning? Something else? Where would you take your dog if this happened in the middle of the night? Or on a Sunday?

Where Will You Take Your Dog In an Off-Hours Emergency?

It’s 10 PM on a Sunday evening and your dog starts having difficulty breathing. Or she begins having what seems like a series of seizures. Or she starts foaming at the mouth and walking restlessly, and her belly looks like she swallowed a balloon — all signs of bloat, which can kill a dog if […]
You’re not really with your dog if you’re on the phone while walking her (or them).

5 Tips For Happier Dog Walking

For many dog owners, walks are the activity where the rubber meets the road for a better bonding experience. Many of us are too busy to take our dogs to classes or devote much other time to them, but just about all of us go with our dogs for walks. And yet, walking time is […]

Why Dogs Howl

Answer this question. A dog howls to say: A) I’m over here. B) Eureka, I found something good! C) Stay back! D) Gee, that siren has a high-pitched sound! E) Any of the above. F) None of the above. G) Some of the above. The correct answer appears to be E: any of the above. […]
On whether to feed dry kibble or wet food, there’s no one right answer.

Which Is Better For Your Dog, Dry Food Or Wet?

Most people feed their dogs all dry food, or almost all. This is especially the case for those with larger dogs. A single bag of dry food lasts for many meals, and the kibble is convenient to store in a bag at the bottom of the pantry and scoop out as needed. Cans or little […]

Common Household Noises May Severely Stress Your Dog

Microwave beeps, the chirps of a smoke alarm system when a battery is dying, cell phone noises, alarm clocks going off…these high-pitched sounds are just some of the noises commonly heard in your home that may leave your dog feeling extremely unnerved. Even noises with lower frequencies — the tumbling of a clothes dryer, a […]
Did she say “beef tips” or “cheese dip?”

Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads

You know how dogs will sometimes tilt their heads adorably with an almost quizzical look on their face, as if they’re trying to process information or figure something out? It appears that what we think it means is more or less what it does mean. When researchers at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest worked with […]

Newly Approved Lymphoma Drug Keeps Dogs Alive Longer

Lymphoma is one of the most common types of cancers to strike dogs, accounting for 10 to 20 percent of all cancer cases. It strikes in lymph nodes throughout the body and often spreads to various tissues. Now, a new chemotherapy treatment called Tanovea (rabacfosadine injection) has been fully approved by the Food and Drug […]
Throwing certain kinds of balls directly to a dog with a long-handled launcher can result in deadly choking.

When Games of Catch Become Deadly for Dogs

When the Center for Pet Safety started receiving more and more reports of dogs dying because of toy balls lodging in their throats during play, the organization decided to investigate. It turned out that balls that are relatively heavy for their size (heavier than a tennis ball) and also have a particularly smooth surface are […]
How the cancer is staged and graded tells how to treat it.

“Grading” the Cancer, “Staging” the Cancer

The veterinarian says your dog has cancer, so already you’re beside yourself. But you know you need to take a breath, because some cancers have better prognoses (odds of a good outcome) than others. A couple of the ways doctors determine how treatable the cancer may be are to grade it and stage it. But […]
Look for relaxed body language. Neither dog nor trainer should appear stiff or overwrought.

The Three Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Dog Trainer

The very best trainer for your dog is you. Nothing strengthens the bond between you and your pet like patiently teaching cues — “Sit,” “Stay,” Come,” and so on — and rewarding her not just with food but also with your delight in her ability to follow through. All the give-and-take involved helps foster the […]