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Dear Doctor: Dog acts aggressively to other dogs on leash

Q. I know that dogs can become more aggressive when on leash because they’re not in control of their own movements; they might feel threatened when forced into situations during which they have to come face-to-face with other dogs because their natural inclination might be to approach another dog more cautiously — perhaps from the […]

He’s Not Doing It Out Of Spite

You’ve been gone all day, and your dog trashes the house — or defecates on the rug when you know he can hold it in for the number of hours you were away. He’s doing it to let you know he’s displeased that you left him alone, right? Wrong. “People tell me all the time […]

What Not to Say to Someone 
Who Has Lost a Dog

Which of the following things should you not say to someone whose beloved dog has died? A) He’s not suffering anymore. B) At least you got to have him for as long as you did. C) You gave him a good life. D) Give it some time. E) Better not to say any of the […]

Having Your Dog Tested for COVID

With reports of pets becoming sick from COVID-19, you might very well wonder whether it is appropriate for your dog to be tested for the disease. Perhaps she is having respiratory signs like sneezing or shortness of breath, or she has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive. Despite concerns, neither the […]

Correcting Misconceptions About Allergy Testing in Dogs

People often wonder which is better for diagnosing allergies in a dog: skin prick tests or blood tests. The answer: neither one. For one thing, prick tests are not performed on dogs. Rather, dogs with suspected allergies undergo what is called intradermal testing. The difference is that with a skin prick test, a physician will […]

Online Dog Videos Not So Funny

Some online videos involving dogs are so obviously and gratuitously cruel that a lawsuit has even been filed against one social media video giant by an animal protection organization. Among the most objectionable video posts: defenseless puppies being placed in the way of predators, including snakes and crocodiles, and then “rescued” in the nick of […]

The People Foods a Dog Shouldn’t Eat — and Why

Chocolate, raisins, grapes, onions. We’ve all heard that these foods are absolutely verboten for dogs. But can having even a morsel of these items — and certain others — really create a life-or-death situation for your pet? In certain cases, yes. In others, it depends. Take a look at this list of off-limits foods for […]

Dear Doctor: Dental Implants for Dogs

Q. My dog, a Chihuahua named Freckles, was diagnosed with six loose lower front teeth. My dentist is doing implants on me, and I asked if it was possible for dogs to get implants. He said “yes.” I’d like to know if this would be possible for Freckles. William Guthrie Upper Marlboro, Maryland Dear Mr. […]

Short Takes: March 2022

For Those with Dogs Who Cower Many dogs handle their fear with aggression. But others cower. They hide, pull away while on leash, and sometimes just quake in place with their tail between their legs. The best strategy in such cases: focus less on the fear (don’t flood him with things that make him afraid) […]

Hip Dysplasia: The Short Course

Hip dysplasia is one of the most frequently occurring musculoskeletal diseases to befall dogs. A genetic disorder that usually manifests itself during puppyhood, it’s a misalignment of the bones of the hip, which is a ball-and-socket affair. The ball is the roundish top of the long-stemmed thighbone, or femur. The socket is the bony pelvis. […]