Donate Your Dog to Science — From Home

Your pet can help researchers unlock the secrets to 
canine — and human — longevity.


The Dog Aging Project, a national research effort to learn how to foster healthy longevity in canines and, by extension, in people, is looking to expand its pack of participants across the country. To date, more than 30,000 people with dogs have volunteered for this $23-million-dollar project, financed by the National Institute on Aging. But the researchers, hailing from institutions of higher learning across the country, are looking for more.

Anyone is welcome to apply; if your dog is accepted you will be asked to answer a number of survey questions from time to time. But the investigators are particularly looking for large dogs weighing 70 to 100 pounds — especially breeds other than goldens, Labs, and German shepherds; and giant dogs weighing more than 100 pounds, such as Great Danes, wolfhounds, and mastiffs. Puppies who have not yet been spayed or neutered are also in high demand for the project. The younger the dog, the more that can be told about influences on the animal’s longevity.

To nominate your dog, head to


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