Saving the World, One Poop Bag At a Time

Thoughts about using less plastic.


Americans are starting to get the hang of bringing reusable tote bags to the supermarket so we don’t pollute our oceans and landfills with more and more plastic. But dog owners by and large continue to use rolls of plastic poop bags. It’s understandable — they’re so convenient.

One solution is to reuse plastic grocery bags rather than buy separate doggie poop bags. That will cut down on the manufacture of plastic bags considerably. If you’re concerned that plastic grocery bags often have little holes in them, you can double bag it.

You can also buy biodegradable poop bags. But those that are truly biodegradable — often made from maize flour and vegetable oil rather than “oxo-biodegradable” plastics that don’t degrade as quickly — are expensive. They cost about three times as much as other bags.


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