What About Air Travel?


While you can easily take your small dog on a flight (for a fee), larger pets must be crated and tucked away far from you in an unpleasant space with other crated animals. Is it advised?

“I know sometimes plane travel has to be done, but I don’t love it and I tend to board my dogs instead,” says Dr. Borns-Weil. “I can only hope that as the culture changes and the general feeling of pets as family members increases, the airlines will begin to accommodate pets so that, perhaps, they can be crated in a section of the cabin, or pet owners can purchase a ticket for another seat on which they can place a larger crate.” Until then, she recommends researching how various airlines manage dog travel and also speaking with your veterinarian to have appropriate medication on hand if your large dog must fly with you but has to stay in the belly of the plane.


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