Deshedding Vacuum Attachments for Dog Hair


You don’t necessarily need a new vacuum cleaner to keep your home more free of fur and dander. If your dog can manage the sound and the sensation, certain vacuum attachments that both groom and lift your dog’s fur and dander can do much to keep your pet — and your home — clean. The shedding combs and brushes get to the root of the problem by pulling loosened fur, dirt, dander, fleas, ticks, and eggs directly from your pet into the vacuum. That leaves your dog clean, comfortable, and smelling much sweeter and your home tidier and more irritant-free. The attachments listed here are made to fit most vacuum models.

Pawty World 4-inch Pet Deshedding Stainless Steel Brush Grooming Tool is a stainless steel 4-inch comb that attaches to a vacuum hose and can be worked through your dog’s undercoat and loose hair, cutting down on shedding by up to 90 percent, according to the manufacturer, and reducing the accompanying allergens that come with your dog’s shedding coat. $19.90.

Miracle Care Miracle De-Shedder and vacuum cleaner attachment removes pet hair and dander through a 1.25-inch tapered nozzle that fits most vacuums and is available in three different blade sizes to suit small, medium, and large dogs. The angled blades get to your dog’s undercoat and can be used with or without the vacuum to remove fur. $21.29 (small), $23.09 (medium), and $43.99 (large).

Qualtex Cat & Dog Deshedding Grooming Tool Kit grooms your dog while vacuuming up whatever you loosen, and it includes a flea comb that can help get at ticks, too, as well as any eggs, if present. The kit comes with a hose and adapter and a universal adapter. $39.99.

Vital Vacuum Pet Grooming Kit removes hair from your dog with a brush attachment and a comb attachment. This grooming kit helps remove not only hair but also dirt and dead skill cells. $20.79.


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