Hair Dryers for Dogs


After a bath, a dog gets as much as 70 percent of the way to dry by herself as she shakes off the water from her body. Followed by a rubdown with two or three absorbent towels (one doesn’t really do the trick), she’s good to go. But if you don’t want to deal with wet towels and so much extra laundry, your dog may be okay with going the hair dryer route.

You can use your own on a low setting, but a better bet is a hand-held hair dryer made specifically for pets. It will have a motor working at such a high speed that it produces strong, mildly warmed air that does not heat up in a way that could cause discomfort — or burn  your dog’s sensitive skin. The air literally blows the water off as opposed to evaporating it with heat.

Another bonus: a pet hair dryer typically has insulation to keep the noise down so that the machine will


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